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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 May 2, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    The tape is not talking to you

    The volume is nil, nobody is selling(makes you wonder how we are down) but it is just another day in the 1700 countdown. We have just 1693.6 days left till proven 100% correct ;)

    The final countdown.


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    • Z, you need to relax a little with the count down. It will be proven much sooner than that. I would tend to think that the level we're at right now is presenting an opportunity for management to use some of that $$ to buy back more shares. If you look at all the institutional holdings there aren't many more shares left over for trading. The shorts will get caught here by simple math which is why they are getting out.

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      • I'm pretty relaxed but no real information passes on message boards and most aren't even used. I figure I have this information, the market has screwed over the shareholders who became insolvent and those who remain solvent by stealing their money and time in the short term when in my opinion, other companies get rewarded for far less roduction(which is precisely why one hears the market is rigged comlaints; because it is without question). There is no discussion necessary, analsysts give out their recommendations, stocks have already gone "up" in the prior days before the "buy" recommendation and stocks have gone down after the "sells".

        The whole ........ game is rigged, but if you stay solvent, they can't beat you long term which is why warren buffets golden rule was to never use leverage. He also mentions that whatever can happen, most likely will happen referring to the "impossible" downward moves. Like Deckers going from 4B to 1B worth in 1 yea! while the companys earnings were still over 128M and its cash production over 250M. Wlecome to the market.

        It literally makes no sense how THEY can undervalue a business with such numbers and overvalue all these other business in the short terms. This is not the FREE Market as one believes it to be. I'll admit, without the market "correcting" this stock, it would not have afforded me the ability to avergae down and buy in at such cheap/ridiculous/five year low prices while all these other "investors"(only 8M float after insider shareholders/instituional/hedge fund holders) so how many average joe really still holding their stock after the 75% shenanigans(which was pulled on starbucks in 2008, netflix two years ago, under armour in 2007/2008, aapl this year).

        Same .... over and over again, then 3 years later, stocks are at all time highs. Same will be for Deckers, less than 1693 days ;)

        Just voicing my oinion. This message board was dead before me so it doesn't make much of a difference.


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