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  • misterx.herrx misterx.herrx May 3, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

    Buying back shares is money wasted

    They should pay a dividend...that's what market wants.

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    • don't hold your breath! companies HATE to give money to their shareholders and many get away with it for a long time. but its too late now anyway. what, are they going to borrow to pay a dividend? that may work with apple, but it ain't going to fly here. they had their chance and blew it. if they had paid a 4% dividend from the get go instead of a stupid buyback that had absolutely NO effect on the short position here, they wouldn't be in this mess. in short, they thought the buyback would set things straight when the stock was at $90. it didn't. the shorts oblierated it.

      this is a perfect example of whats wrong with the market. the moment it became "ok" for a stock to never pay a dividend (take a look at DELL for a perfect example), it all became a casino. if DECK had paid a nice dividend, the stock price would have been protected against the massive short selling that crushed the stock.

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