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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 May 3, 2013 10:11 PM Flag

    Do not ever use margin

    Under Armur which is another volatile stock over the last 36 months, has gone up more than 200%. The stock has had "corrections" surpassing 15% 6 times! So even if you played on margin at all, despite the stock going up 200%+ in 36 months, you got killed if you used margin as it is nearly impossible to stay solvent if you use with these volatile stocks and you are not made up of a ton of unlimited money(which begs the question of why are you using margin if you have the money?).

    I believe DECKERS will have even better performance over the next 36 months than Under Armour had over the past 36 months, but if you play on margin there is no guarantee of making money even if it does end up going up 200%+ over the next 36 months(due to cash mostly but earnings being much better as well) as this stock can "correct" 50% for no real reason(hey, it went down 75.6% in 9 months for no real reason either).

    So playing on margin is not only not smart, it is a death wish. Not even giving yourself a chance to succeed. Sure, it is temting. Such a "sure thing" as 300M in cash was produced just from the 4th quarter in 2012. But it is for this reason that the volatility ensues and average joe loses his head. YOU DO NOT NEED MARGIN. It is only going to hurt you, not help you. It is not free money. If the stock "corrects 20%(and you are using money you do not have), you will have to cover at the lower prices because you played over your head.

    Just play with what you have and get rid of the need for GREED. It never pans out when GREED enters the situation.

    Warren buffets rules for financial success includes NEVER playing with leverage as the insurance business will teach you, what can happen most probably WILL happen at some point.


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