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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 May 8, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    It is now 13 days since the earnings report

    What has changed? Nothing but the amount of days till cash catches u to the company valuation. Peole got up, went to work, went to sleep, and got up again 13 times.

    Nothing CHANGES. The stock price changes for any number of ridiculous reasons that one could not surmise, but everyday, every hour, every minute that passes by, this company gets cheaper. The stock hit a high of 118 2 years ago FOR A REASON, but it did get overstretched at that point and relative to other companies, was perhaprs not the "cheapest". But now the stokc has become the CHEAPEST. It has been to hell and now on its way back over the lasdt 18 months. there could be some shaking along the way(as 13 days ago after the earnings reort) but slow and steady, over the next 36 months, this stock will hit 118 again and then move onwards and upwards to 250/share.

    Why? because this company produces cash like no other business in retail, that is why. We are trading at 1/5th our future potentail valu and the UGGS story is far from over. We are now in its second year of 1B+ in sales and the stock has 15% less shares than it did 15 months ago yet we are trading flat to that time.


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