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  • smartpantsandshirt smartpantsandshirt May 15, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    what has happened

    earnings were so bad that the short decided to cover a bunch of stock bringing the stock up for days after not so great earnings. done covering now and the selling continues. that's my take

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    • Your take is worthless; no offense(as who the .... are you anyway(hedge fund clown looking to buy chealy).

      What has happened is there were a lot of people who bought in the 30's and the stock doubled in just 180 days and smart people like Goldman Sachs who was holding 10.92% took some off the table AFTER this built in earnings run. But they are still holding 80% of their position and will do the same thing after we hit 85-90/share and so on.

      As rookies hold stocks forever, smart ones lock in profits along the way. So the make 50M less than the 600-700M they will make off this 5-8 bagger.

      One one learns the game and the two tricks wall street does periodically(I mean Goldman) which is to take a good company like Deckers which rints cash, dump it too lows one never seemed imaginable, wipe the slate clean and STEAL shares below intrinsic value of other less valuable companies(like crox) and then just make easy money over the next 5 years as every earnings report is a gimme there on in as hit or miss, the stock is so undervaued, it is just going to keep riding up to make u for lost time as Goldman is already in(and for those who don't realize it yet, they WIN every time and control 75% of stocks direction/movement).

      Free market? Who are you kidding?


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