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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 May 16, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

    very dramatic

    slow walk down all-day. We get it. You know(the ones who have the abilty to move the stock like this) that a lot of people now know the positives for this stock over the next 24-36 months but lets push it down as people buy on no volume, so they feel pain in the short term.

    It doesn't change the fact that this company has a product that for 2 winters in a row(desite higher sheepskin costs and warmer weather) sold over 1B in UGG products. Really makes it hard to believe the UGG is a fad propoganda.

    So does the 290M in cash produced in the 4th quarter alone ;)


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    • appreciate your comment

      • 1 Reply to plasmasurfer
      • Thanks, appreciate your appreciation.

        I have no idea why it bothers someone who says I'm talking to myself(yet he and others are clearly reading the posts) when I point out that this company was in debt to the tune of 260M just 8 months ago and had cash of 60M and today the debt, just 8 months later, is down to 10M and cash is the same(meaning 250M cash produced in the last 8 months).

        Why would it bother someone for me to share the VALUE of this business which is clearly not just its earnings(over 100M) but its printing press of cash that even were it to decline(and this is purely to exaggerate the worst case scenario) at 10% year going foward(yet management is forecasting growth of 5% in EPS and sheepskin costs were down 11% YOY from 2012 to 2013, CASH will still catch up to this company's value in 10 years or less. Which makes this company a pure bargain in this market where companies who 1) don't have earnings close to as good as Deckers 2) don't produce cash like Deckers does EVEN with better earnings, are trading at much HIGHER valuations than we are.

        Nor are insiders bailing out of this company every other week with a sale like they are in Under Armour, Lululemon, etc.

        Nor do a lot of these other companies have Goldman Sachs holding 10% of their company(which then proceeded to double in approximately 180 days).

        So for those who don't like my posts, sue me, I like to share.


    • give up already, you are really the ONLY one posting on this board, making yourself seem even more foolish with every last post...

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