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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 May 17, 2013 6:52 PM Flag

    A dividend would not make much of a difference to the stock price

    Look at Apple after it announced its dividend. A dividend would be nice as it would pay us as we wait but nobody is going to get wealthy fast off a dividend. Stock appreciation is on its way over the next 24 months because cash is going to force the stock upwards as buyers buy in. There are only 34.5M shares available.

    Goldman is holding about 3.4M of those shares.
    Insiders are holding about 800,000 of the shares and then there are only so many shares to go around as plenty of other major holders don't seem to be selling out with this low volume.

    This is a manipulated downward move to margin squeeze people who use money they don't have and get caught with their pants down. When I was invested in Under armour, the same thing happened over 24 months. Stock would go up trmendously from 36-60(just like Deckers), then it sold off to about where Deckers is now, but the stock went back to 60, only to sell off again. Then the stock took off to 70's pulled back to 61 or so. You get the picture but the long term trajectory is uo over time as earnings or cash make the case.

    This is not a slot machine. This is investing. It takes years or you hold forever like buffet if the company is like coca-cola(selling similar number of products year in and year out and produces cash like an ATM).


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    • Frog, these are just paid hedge fund stooges. They are paid to scare away peole from investments hedge funds want in cheap, then they disappear after the work is done. I just immediately put them on ignore every time a new roach ops back u. It is usually the same person. Where the stock goes between today and next year is anybodys guess as it is warren buffets. But we now this company makes great earnings for any company and makes tremednous cash and is projecting growth.


    • Sure it will make a difference...this C..ra,p will go down the wc if the market tanks without even participating in the strong rally we're seeing...
      shorts will punish it. Without a dividend it is defenseless.

    • not a joke dividend like apple, but a real 4%'er would've done nicely to keep the shorts away. but what's the point, its too late now anyway. this stock could be in for some big trouble if ugg sales should slow

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