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  • frog3648 frog3648 Jun 17, 2013 1:07 PM Flag

    Forbes article written by a fool.

    Did you see the latest article.... Only a fool wishing to throw away money would even consider that suicide purchase. With all that deck has going right now, Jan 2015 puts @ $37.50 is about as likely as us having a blizzard in Miami this week. Where do they find these clowns?

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    • Forbes article more bullish than bearish, as they were recommending SELLING puts, not buying puts. Only a confident trader who believes DECK will hold up sells puts that don't expire for over a year.

    • froggy, now you have a new member who will pump this dog. His alias is johndoolittle.

    • It is the same thing with the idiots that are brought on CNBC. In my opinion, all one needs to do is replay videos of Warren Buffet explaining present value-future cash. All these other clowns with no track record that are trumpeted; just ridiculous.

      Like Nassim Taleb says in his first book, "just turn off the volume and watch these guys faces and you will see how ridiculous they look with their self-importance and the idea that what is coming out of their mouth has any credibility". It is truly funny.

      Seems like paid guys to write negative bents. I saw the same thing when I was invested in Under Armour from 2010-2010. Stock was one of top 100 performers for those two years. Take a look on seeking alpha for aticles during that time for Under Armour and take a look at under armours chart during that time. Just ridiculous.

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