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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 Jun 20, 2013 6:26 PM Flag

    If I gave you 1.75B

    please tell me how you would be able to go out and create an international brand name that sells over 10M of its product , with an 8%+ profit margin, 120M+ in earnings, and tremendous cash flow...TODAY...This YEAR?

    Not going to happen.


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    • People get lowball offers for their possessions all the time. Ever watch any of these pawn shop shows on television? The owners of these shops are not giving top dollar because much like a car dealer where you are entering because you OBVIOUSLY need a car, nobody is entering a pawn shop to sell something that 1)they don't want or 2)need cash desperately for.

      The market plays this game where like Warren Buffet says, every day MR. Market gets up. Sometimes he is in a good mood and sometimes he is in a bad mood. Just because he is in a bad mood one day and it affects a companys value, it doesn;t mean you have to respect the markets valuation. After all, he is a moody SOB.

      Just 8 months ago, he was valuing this company for dead at 990M(the bottom) in the same year it had a 290M turnaroun in the balance sheet in quarter 4.

      Goldman Sachs smelled money and bought 11% of the company in the mid 30's. They took some profit at around where we are now, but still hold a solid 7%.

      The insiders all have held and virtually done nothing with their shares for 20 months now. The stock is up 37% YTD(I will take that every year going foward) and the stock is up 5% over where it was this time last year before it fell to the bottom(which shows you how impossible it is to really call a bottom and one should focus on just getting a great price for a great company).


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