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  • rainbowdodger rainbowdodger Jul 15, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    Piper analyst upgraded based on survey of teenage girls....

    That's what the analyst said as reported on flyonthewall. Teenage girls view the product more favorably in the survey, and the analyst thinks selling directly to consumers will increase profit margins.

    What they forgot to mention was retail sales are trending down as reported today, and Uggs is a one trick pony with a lot of competition....the consumers they sell directly to have to buy...and that remains to be seen....

    As for a survey as a reason to upgrade the stock, that's laughable....

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    • That's why I'm out today with a little over a $6 gain. You have to sell the pops on this, I finally figured that out a few months back. I didn't get the high but I'll take my $6+ and rebuy when it drops again. Doing that over and over sure beats buying and holding.

    • Well, I guess their had to be an upgrade, as this analyst has had a Neutral rating since the mid $30s.

      Also, part of the upgrade was due to "getting operating margins to the high teens over time, from an estimated 12.6% this year". Too bad they were at roughly 25% in 2010.

      • 1 Reply to bmmatriz03
      • Too bad you are both on the losing side of this stock. BMMATRIZ, just like you were on Under Armour.

        Yes, keep picking random numbers that went down, be it earnings or operating margins. Ignore opening of 140% more stores, managements comment that they have never seen UGGS more popular, over 2M facebook fans, #1 item on christmas, integration of UGG pure, new styles of products out, reveiws on website 99.9% positive.

        Ignore insiders holding on to everything they have despite the recovery from the bottom of 100%. Ignore Goldman Sachs holding 7% of this company along with tiger global management, two investors you generally don't want to bet against.

        Keep focusing on the wrong things. Ignore buyback of 5M+ shares at 5 year lows with the brand as popular as ever. Management looking foward to double profit margins that today a few years out. Ignore cash flow and that if there were no buyback, there would be over 280M in cash on the balance sheet and 0 debt.

        Ignore that managements investment in buying back sahres has now returned over 20% in less than 24 months.

        Keep ignoring reality.


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