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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 Jul 24, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    Crocs getting slammed AH

    Probably going to pinch us a bit in the morning just because some fund or investor will not want to hold because of the relation(footwear/seasonal).

    But these companies could not be more different. UGGS are thought of as luxury. Crox, I have no idea what people consider it(personally I consider it garbage).

    Crocs operates more than 3X the stores we do and produces 20% less revenue than we do.

    We're a company opening 140% more stores over the next 36 months(stores which are highly profitable and pay for themselves within a year).

    Our company has barely penetrated the international market(though IT IS A WELL-KNOWN brand internationally).

    So short term reactions are just that but Crox results don't change my long term bullishness on this company.


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    • I agree, comparing Decker to Crocs is like comparing Toyota to Mercedes Benz. There will be a little selling in the morning, but the smart money will be snapping up those shares. I think Decker has weathered the storm and it's onward and upwards from here. Certainly would not want to have a short position at this time.

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      • True. Another thing is we know management isn't afraid to buy back stock, which going foward at these price levels and lower, I have no issue with. I would have an issue with a management sitting on its hands like Apple.

        Apple's management really unimpresses me. Buying back stock at a level I do not consider cheap. They should have just returned more cash to shareholders than waste it buying back stock. But that is difference between a management that has investors back and a management that doesn't.

        Whatever management of this company does severely hurts them as it does any of us based on the main guys all heavily invested, which helps me invest easier.

        It was one of the reasons I liked Under Armour way back when 30 months ago when the stock was trading at a fraction of its value and the CEO KEvin Plank owned 20M of the outstanding 51.5M shares at the time. Now he owns a fraction of that and has been selling every quarter since near all-time high's(I wonder why?)

        So management being invested is a good thing and being conservative is good as well.

        Good luck to us tomorrow.


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