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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Aug 14, 2013 3:31 PM Flag

    Bottom is in

    Prepare for takeoff.


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    • Not even close to the bottom. You realize the market is going to correct heavily? And when it does 40's for DECK.

    • Soros adds 2M shares to JC PEnney holding according to filing. For those who have not been following Soros's adventure with JC PENNEY, he is down more than 30% on his position in the last 3 months from which he took his initial position.

      CLEARLY he is averaging down. This is a guy who made a ton of money with Jim Rogers in the stock market with his quantum fund(4000% returns from inception!).

      What is my point? Guys like Jim Cramer on CNBC PRETEND the market can be timed. As if you and I had we been invested in Deckers when it hit 118/share 22 months ago could have forseen 1)sheepskin rising for 2 consecutive years and 2)that the stock would get clobbered 75.6%!

      Sure, we ALL follow the costs of sheepskin on a daily basis. It is right up there on the NYMEX next to crude isn't it? It's not? No $$$$.

      So what is one to do when a stock of a good company gets slammed down? Well, guys like Cramer who pretend they could time these things(he pumped netflix at 300, said sell at 127, never said buy again, stock is now at 262! all in 3 years!) say sell, run away....blah blah blah.

      But....look at soros(not saying I agree with his current bet). He is AVERAGING DOWN at a cheaper price because the rule is WHEN A GOOD COMPANY WITH A GOOD QUALITY/POPULAR product gets rocked to hell, YOU ARE SuPPOSED TO GET GREEDY.

      Ala Netflix, ala Under Armour 3 years ago(1400% return to today), etc.

      If I could only just punch the guy in the FACE!


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      • Jon Stewart said once when he was being interviewed on a show "George Bush isn't stupid, but he talks to us like we are".

        The same can be applied to Jim Cramer. He's not stupid(Harvard grad). But everytime he comes on his show or talks throughout the day and cackles that phony CREEPY laugh, he talks to us as IF WE ARE stupid.

        The guy has many different personalities. Watch the famous MELTDOWN about the FED not taking action with Erin Burnett and one gets a birdeye view of what it was probably like when he ran his hedge fund, but at least he was serious.

        Turn on his show almost everynight, and you get the court jester hinking his stupid horns, pretending he is "educating" investors by suggesting they buy companies like Tesla(I won;t bet against Musk) when just 2-3 years ago when one could have gotten Tesla for a song and a dance, he said STAY THE $$$$ away from Tesla.

        Two years ago Netflix was trading at all-time highs, Cramer and his pump machine said BUY BUY BUY. Then he said SELL SELL SELL when it was at more than 60% off. Yes you read that correctly, 60% off. Now the stock is almost back to its all-time highs because nothing fundamentlally changed for the company from back then and cramer got caught pretending one can trade the market without losing a ton of money(wrong).

        So when UA was going up from 30-88/share, Cramer had no love for the brand. None whatsoever. Made up some inventory issues that concerned him, ignoring the growth(30%+ at the time). Then at 88/share, recommend it. Then at 100 said take some off the table. Then at 52.50/share a couple months later, said he liked it and has been right about the trend from this point.

        Shall we take a look at the track record though?
        What does this $$$$ really know?

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