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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Aug 22, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    Look around the market

    You have companies closing stores be it aeropostale, Abercrombie and fitch, and companies not growing their revenues at all.

    On top of all that, you have a ten year rate at 2.9% so all these companies closing stores are going to 1) lose revenues and 2) lose POTENTIAL proift. They are GETTING CREAMED.

    But then you hve a company like DECKERS which is OPENING 110 stores over the next 29 months(they already have 89 today.

    They have a new product called UGG PURE which they will integrate 25% in the medium term and 50%+ over the long term. We have our main cost of business down for 2013 and will get an update on its pricing for 2014 in 2 months from now.

    We have a company GROWING its store count while also planning on making its popular products more affordable as a result of UGG PURE taking on the knockoffs headon.

    High insider ownership. You have virtually the SAFEST stock in the market when future growth + cash is compared to current valuation.

    It i why we closed at a 52 week high yesterday and set a 52 week high on the same day the down was 100.

    It is our time now.


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    • But you won't get cramer to talk about this company. Why not? Don;t you find it odd that Cramer hasn;t said a word about deckers despite the stock being up more than 110% in the last 11 months?

      Wouldn't you think somebody looking for momo or value to pretend he is aware of things in the market, that he would look at the cash production of this company, the popularity of its product, managements INNOVATION, and mention it?

      No, not yet. It isn;t high enough for him to pump it so the bagholders can come in and his buddies can dump it at higher prices. Keeping it on the DL...then when his friends are ready, he can pretend the stock is SO CHEAP at 120/share(new all time high). It will still be undervalued then as well, but not like today at half the price. Just easier to recommend stocks hitting new all-time highs; he thinks like retail.


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      • For those who aren't caught up, Deckers should make around 100M in cash this year. When divided by currente value of stock, it is equal to almost 5%.

        UGG pure is CURRENTLY at its lowest point of integration so going foward, UGG PURE should be providing more savings and cash to the bottom line.

        Store growth should add increase in revenues and profits thereby creating even more cash.

        So the current foward interest rate on this stock is well north of 6%, well north.



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