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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Aug 28, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    Why Cramer loves momo/growth

    because at the end of the day, that is ALL/EVERYTHING the market is looking for.

    You want to just make 3-5% year on your money, then buy a coke or walmart of some other company, but if one is looking to make outsized returns one must find the companies with plenty of room to grow but not being priced for it.

    Perfect example, a living example for myself, was under Armour 3 years ago when it was just 1.8B market cap but starting to take more space in sporting goods stores. Company was not priced then, for the 2B+ in revenues it has today and going to make going foward. Again, I believe the company is fully valued for NOW(under armour), but the company is most defintiely growing. My opinion is that intenational will not be as fast starting as some are betting it will be but I have been wrong for now regarding the share price. I got out when I got out, can't complain.

    With Deckers, the company was priced for NEVER growing again at the bottom, and the dividend stocks were safer in contrast to the ten year. But now the ten year is up 80% and Deckers management has come out with a product to both grow top and bottom line.

    Now we just have to wait for earnings to pass, seasons to pass, and UGG PURE to have its effect. But it will, and the market will respond in kind, because the market looks for GROWTH!


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    • The reason Cramer gets me so irritated is 1)he's a complete trader mentality and 2)just rides the momo train till it dies without figuring out beforehand how it COULD/WILL die and then gives up a lot of money.

      He didn;t say sell Apple in the 600's or even in the 5's really. He said sell it exactly where it is right now, 27% lower than the high.

      Same with Netflix years ago. Didn;t say sell at the all-time highs, getting ahead of itself. Waited till it sold off 60%.

      Now with Deckers too, he has missed this whole ride up till nw because he will wait for the GROWTH to actually come out in the earnings and pump the stock AFTER the initial burst without looking at managements initiatives and coming out with a call to benefit shareholders BEFORE the fact.


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      • Z: Cramer's whole project is to provide stock ideas for people 1) looking for such ideas and 2) who have an intermediate time horizon -- i.e., people who lie between traders and long-term investors in their investment style. All of his advice pertains to people who fit those two criteria. Moreover, it would be impossible to have a TV program about day-to-day trading or Buffett-style long-term investing. On the latter style, which you emphasize, what could he do? He could list 20 or 30 stocks to hold for the long term in one or two days, and then there would be nothing left to say the next day. He could not have a program.

        So I think your constant complaining about him is entirely inappropriate. Remember, too, that he is an entertainer, and he is great at it. He also jungles an amazing amount of information. Finally, I must note that I well remember when he hyped DECK as a very strong buy. He came on his show wearing his own pair of UGG boots. At that time, the stock was a split-adjusted $10 per share. Too bad a lot of people didn't listen to him then. (I myself already owned it.)

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