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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Sep 4, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    What you should learn from me?

    Nobody is going to $$$$in hold your hand. CNBC is not in the business of making you money, they are in the business of selling advertising(mostly to brokerages which need you to trade unnecessarily to be in business). Nobody is going to crunch the number for you, do the scuttlebut research required to find the things the stock market is not noticing, usch as opening 110 stores over 28 months or how effective UGG PURE should be on the bottom line.

    Cramer will come on and pretend he is educating the investor, but you or I can say go buy coke or go buy disney or the latest stock that flew up 50%. But that doesn;t TELL YOU anything. It doesn;t help you when you buy and your stock goes down 50% and you have no idea that your company is still fine; it is just market forces such as interest rates and short term hindrances effecting your company.

    You need to do it yourself. Nobody is going to figure out how much cash your company is making and how it can make more cash and revenues in the future. They will only do AFTER it is obvious(CRAMER).

    So do your own homework. There is no free lunch.


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    • Just take a look at Cramers netflix call over the last 3 years. He was pumping the company at all-time high's of 300/share(16B) valuation. Then it tanked to 127 and he said sell(8B valuation 4 mnths later) and said get out.

      Granted, the stock did go down 50% from that point, but 1) he never said re-enter 2)he lost 60% when he "sold" and 3) nothing fundamentlally changed for the stock and he should not have overreacted. He should have reminded people that long term this company was eating cable tv's lunch. In just 24 months, look where it now....right back at 300.

      He should never have been pumping at 300 to begin with. He should never have said sell. He should have stated nothing fundamentally has changed and the market is taking profit but long term this guy is a winner. He is just a joke! He plays games.

      No free lunch and not going to learn how to INVEST from this guy. Get a clue people, get a clue.

      Do your own homework, KNOW what you own and why you own it, and for god sakes have patience. These are business's, not slot machines.


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