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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Sep 5, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    Guy on CNBC lays the smackdown on LAzard Analyst

    over Netflix. Completely schooled the Lazard putz who had no real numbers to back him up. Just said "the consumers love the product". I love it! This is what viewers want to see, "analysts" being questioned for their bogus price targets based on fluff and after a stock rises. But where were these price targets just 1 year ago?

    Good television. This is what viewers want to see CNBC, people being held to the fire, especially so-called analysts from Lazard. Good $$$$.


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    • The first thing you have to realize is that the people that watch CNBC are usually the ones with their heads in their butts, and they live on the Kool-Aid being dumped on them. That is one of the most distorted and biased sources for news out there.

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      • Agreed.

        It is why I take so much issue with it and why I can;t stand Cramer.

        It is why I loved it when Jon Stewart toasted his #$%$ a few years ago. He deserved it and deserves much more.

        They know what they are doing and they keep doing it(make stories up, overhype things on purpose with no numbers to back them up, etc).

        That is why I am always on the case. You can always count on Cramer to pump something after most of the growth has been accomplished and major risk is on the table(such as netflix pump yesterday).

        Where was his call at 60 or 100 or 150 or 200 or 250, what is different?

        The people watching his show and tuning in to CNBC have not read nassim taleb's book on predictability, or listened to warren buffets speech on how to invest(youtube speech in 2001 by buffet).

        They watch these idiots who have no track record and cnbc posts no track record for these guys "educating"(misinforming) people.

        But guys like me show how its done over time. With under armour, now with deckers. Look for growth and cash, high insider ownership, etc. Must have patience.


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