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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Sep 9, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    It is just so funny how price movement upwards

    makes people REALIZE they think a company is valuable. I mean clearly if people ARE PAYING up for something, there should be something to it.

    But for those who follow marketpulse, these idiots who were not so sure about us at 47/share just 3 months ago(just 90 days), now like us 30% higher.

    Don;t get me wrong, we are still dirt cheap long term, but it just shows you how all RETAIL is focused on being TOLD what value is(be it schmucks like Cramer pretending every night to see things other people have not seen way before him and he is LATE, or the market pricing something higher).

    People need to learn how to do their own DD, seriously. Nobody going to give you the cookie for free. Nobody is going to pat you on the back saying good job buddy(can someone please! ;)

    You eat what YOU kill. When in life do people just hand you free $$$$.

    Cramer is here to EDUCATE you lol. Yea right. He is setting you up for the slaughter.

    He's got different personalities. Read his book and then watch him on television. The real charaveter is in the book. This guy on TV, this "nice guy looking out for you"....all make believe and his calls show it.

    GO BUY NETFLIX at 293(even though he didn't like it just 18 months ago at 127 hen he said sell AFTER saying buy at 300!).

    Nothing has changed in the numbers for Netflix. It is the same company with a handful more subscribers. It was overpriced at 300 2 years ago. It became dirt cheap below 100(yet Cramer didn;t say a word, I think he may have even trashed it).

    Now he just loves it up more than 400%. You got to love this guy.....I don't, somebody must right?


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