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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Oct 1, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

    Cramer says he just wants to make people money

    Then why is he not just telling them to put their money in government bonds? Why is encouraging people to trade unnecessarily? Why did he recommend stocks like zynga when they came out or Facebook at its initial valuation?

    Why did he recommend netflix at all-rime highs 3 years ago, then said sel at half the price?

    lol, he's a joke.

    He just mentioned Deckers for the first time 30 seconds ago. As if he knows anything about this company.


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    • Does he tell people on the show that the nature of business is competetion and that 20% of business's in the market will likely not be around 10 years later?

      The one thing I can say people have learned from Cramers show is what animals sound like. That is it.

      Cramer, you're 2000K show?

      Lets just go and recommend bear stearns again why don't we. Pump JPM.


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      • Jon Stewart should have gotten you fired. How it didn;t happen? Well, we know you're too important for the brokerages which need you to encourage people to trade ridiculously? You are a major part of the problem. Pretending there is so much easy money for EVERYONE to somehow make and that guys like you somehow make it. Get out of here. JOKE, CLOW, JESTER.

        Nobody cares about your 2000K show. You have less than 50,000 viewers.


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