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  • moneynow27 moneynow27 Oct 7, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    The issue now is that the stock has already given up last weeks total gains just this morning...

    If the stock falls much further than where it is now this week, you're looking at a potential long term technical breakdown, on the weekly chart.

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    • One has to appreciate what this stock has done in less than 335 days. It had gone up $40 or 135%. Aside from the crazy people "buying" tesla and the short massacre that Carl Icahn almost singlehandedly created with his buying of Netflix, most stocks take breathers.

      Fourth quarter results are still more than 4 months away(a lot of time), governement is playing games with oru credit and business's.

      What I have learned is MARKET HATES UNCERTAINTY. So one has to take the sell-off for what it is, a rational response to congress's irresponsibility. It does not imbibe faith or credibility and business's will pay a price in the short term and those who make their living from trading are going to respond in kind.

      Deckers won't be finished growing its store count to 200+ for another 28 months(again, a decent amount of time). So Deckers ran up $40 off the low and now it takes a bit of a breather. It doesn't mean it drops back down to 28/share(an irrational response to rising sheepskin costs that the market pretended would never subside along with 10% decline in sales for 2012).

      So one has to chillax and realize that for some odd reason, an "unproven" growth plan doesn;t get a premium in its early stages and years down the road for some reason keeps climing to irrational levels after growth has been shown(just take a look at under armour).

      Under Armour had plenty of pullbacks over the last 36 months, but the KEY is where it is now.


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