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  • moneynow27 moneynow27 Oct 16, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    Sales are tracking below expectations.....

    At least that's what analysts have been reporting. Anyone have another explanation for DECK not participating in any rallies lately?

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    • Now I'm convinced there's a problem with DECK going forward.

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      • take a look at their website product reviews. We got Arizona, idaho, iow in there. All those places are pretty hot. Now we even got people from poland and greece leaving reviews. Good times coming over the ext 40 months for this stock. There are about 1100 trading days in that time span so there will be plenty of trading. Stock will get ahead of itself ad behind itself. After 5 months of being ahead of itself at 60, stock is now primed for a beakout over the next 5-7 months going into this years earnings and next years 1st quarter. Looking foward.


    • I think that will be the case for most consumer stocks. Going to be a bad fourth quarter for all.

    • yes, it is called trading around valuation.

      There is always the potential of a miss. Earnings are a week away. To pay up now, one takes more risk going into a miss. Wall Street supposedly prices in things efficiently.

      Based on the warmer weather as of late, I am betting we miss this earnings...but at this price it is priced in and we will ctually pop off the miss based on valuation and interest rates(2.6%+). Coupled with a full year forecast and news on sheepskin costs we should ride higher to 75 going into full year results in february and then I imagine going into first Q 2014, where we will find out how much ugg pure will play a roll in 2014's product mix, we should get to 85-90/share.

      Companies can miss and pop depending on the valuation. The fact that this company has a plan on rasiing earnings without growth but is actually growing(product and stores) gives me comfort at this dirt cheap valuation for a brand known worldwide.


    • .... they cannot make money in the summertime

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