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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Oct 27, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

    Why this is still dirt cheap

    Take a look at under armour. IT has a 9B valuation, it makes 147M a year in earnings and has 6.88% profit margins.

    It's only form of raising income is to grow, which give credit where it is due, it is. But there is no real way for them to raise prices or raise profit margins significantly.

    Deckers on the other hand is trading at a fourth of Under Armours valuation when in the next 30 months they are forecasting almost double the profit margin of today due to the effects UGG PURE will have on the bottom line.

    So without growth, there will be significant growth to the bottom line. But this company is growing, projecting record revenues AGAIN this year and opening more than 100 stores over the next 28 months.

    So in 30 months, this company is going to be making more money than Under Armour is, yet it is trading for 1.4th the value.

    In what world does a company making less money worth more than 4X another company.

    EXACTLY. I'm not Carl Icahn yet....but one day.


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