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  • verypure1 verypure1 Nov 15, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    Doc Ufood

    I realize you are known here as Advisorydoc: I compliment you on your present stock holdings: DECK, LGF, and UA. I do not always agree with your messages -- such as your recent idea that UA and DECK should merge -- but your stock choices are outstanding.

    I am writing now to ask if you would care to mention any other companies whose shares interest you.

    Thanks in advance.

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    • very pure,

      i know you have been posting on the deck board for many years and i truly respect that. because of my respect for your longevity here, i will reply to you.

      my investment style is very peter lynchesque.... i learned a lot from the old motley fools back in the 90s to become my own portfolio manager... and to do my own research.... i often invest in things that i understand, use and know... i made a lot of money investing in apple stock (if you go back many many years you can still read my old posts) and other than the downturn in 2008-9, my returns have been quite good... not going to share specific numbers but obviously i would not still be here but for the fact that i have had quite good success.... not bragging... just stating a fact. i consider myself pretty much an average joe even though from a pure dollar perspective i have become quite comfortable...

      in part my investment philosophy led me to invest in deck, ua and lgf as you pointed out.

      my mantra is and always will be "open your eyes"

      i have been building a position in a still unnamed stock (i often use a dollar cost average strategy) that i believe in the long run will be a 10 bagger similar to UA

      my portfolio consists of anywhere from 12-20 stocks

      one stock that i particularly like for the long haul that i still hold is dnkn.... they are expanding to the west coast and also to england.... i am in from the low 30s... i go to dnkn at least once or twice a week so i can see how they are doing.... love the coffee and other offerings there....

      anyhoo... best to you.... have a great weekend

      doc ufood

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      • Doc Ufood: Many thanks for your prompt reply. I didn't realize that you are "united food" as well as "advisorydoc." It was obvious to me that you were illustrating Peter Lynch's principle of investing in what you know, though I did could not determine whether you learned this from him or developed that strategy on your own (as I had, I might add, before I read his first book). Because you buy what you know (as do I), I thought maybe you would reveal the unnamed stock that you mentioned on another board, and that you might also name others. Thanks for mentioning DNKN, but I doubt if it has ten-bagger potential at this time.

        I am always on the lookout for a new stock idea, and you seemed to be a possible source.

        I'm surprised that your pattern is to own 12-20 stocks. My view is that the big money can best be made with a drastically smaller portfolio, and that even your degree of diversification is (as Lynch noted in the context of company expansion) really "diworsification." It worsens your chances of huge returns.

        And I am greedy. I believe that what Cramer calls "pigs" are the ones who make the big money. I am so greedy that I have not bought UA -- because I fear it cannot go up enough in the next few years (though I could be wrong). But, as you know, I have owned DECK for many years, and you do not know that I also have owned LGF for many years. And I still watch UA closely, and could change my mind.

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