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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Nov 15, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    Regular gas in Jersey 3.03/gallon

    This is 15% cheaper than 6 months ago. This money is going straight into consumers pockets and will be spent because we are not savers.

    Discretionary income HAS increased in the last 6 months, right in time for the holidays.


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    • Paid $2.96 the other day by me......all we need is a real cold winter and a little time. Next earnings will be a blow out for sure.

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      • It really has not much to do with cold weather.

        I follow the reviews on zappos and website of UGGS religiously(as in every day) and a lot of people keep sayig how they have had their UGGS for Y E A R S! and now NEED to replace them.

        Meaning UGGS or Deckers has been making such high quality product that it LASTS which is a reason the product is so expensive.

        The knockoffs won't last 3 months and ours lasts years and is the BRAND.

        So it was mentioned by an analyst on one of the calls late 2012 or 1st quarter 2013, don't really remember, where he asked Angel Martinez if he believes like in cars if this is a year where UGGS could see people need to repurchase as their previous UGGS have been used up and Angel said that it was something that can definitely be seen.

        The reviews are basically backing up what the analyst mentioned. People are buying because their other UGGS which lasted have met their use and now need to be repuchased.

        It is good news.

        Gas should keep going lower as we become a net export of oil/gas in the coming years due to fracking.


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