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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Nov 15, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    Doc UFOOD...I'm 25

    Were you this good at 25? I doubt it and really more like when I was 22 with UA. I would show some respect to indian8788.

    He's(I) figured out the joke that is CNBC way ahead of a lot of other people and I am crushing the market.


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    • Guys like Guy Adami are wanna be's.

      Nobody is giving this guy maoney to manage. That is why he needs to speak his stupid uneducated nonsense every night.

      The other guys on seem to have realized how stupid America is when it comes to money and realize merely presenting yourself as someone who manages money implies you understand what a good investment is.

      I have shown that these fools have nothing on A 25 YEAR OLD. They didn;t see Under Armour, they trashed Deckers 24 months ago, not seeing the big picture.

      The TRASHED NETFLIX. I even beat carl icahn to the punch on the UA message board calling it a buy at 60.

      What I have learned is that people have no concept of TIME and don;t think beyond the next day or week.

      Learning about TIME has allowed me to beat all these older but clearly stupider people in both investing and LIFE.


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      • CNBC is just a propoganda machine for business and investing.

        Everything is overblown, overhyped, exaggerated, or completely made up.

        Every stock with a bad quarter is a "bad business about to die" and every business that goes up like tesla must be heaven sent from G-d and it can't possibly be several money managers piling in and overpricing the company for their own profit just in hopes of dumping it on some future sucker.

        The game is ABSOLUTELY rigged, but it doesn;t matter if you know your stuff and don't ut yourself in a way that gives them the power to completey #$%$(margin).

        All one needs to do is find a company that is growin or the market slammed for no reason despite growing, and buy and hold patiently.

        Ignore idiots on seekingalpha who are nobodies and also part of the propoganda machine.

        Trust yourself, read books by smart guys like nassim taleb ie the black swan.

        Turn off your tv and let your good investments run. Follow oil/gas prices along with interest rates and figure out how much a company is making now and can make in the future.


      • "stupider" lmao....... better calm down or you won't see "old" Z.

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