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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Nov 18, 2013 12:30 AM Flag

    The Newsroom on HBO



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    • seriously, this show is AWESOME. The propoganda machine that are the news media in this country TELLING US how to think as opposed to US CHOOSING how to think gets taken head on by Aaro Sorkins writing and show.

      Truly beautiful television.


    • This show is full of GREAT lines.

      One such line comes from Jeff Daniels(a news anchor which the show is based around) talking about the issues of gay soldiers serving. A gay soldier serving in Iraq actually asked Rick Santorum in the republican national debate in september 2011 what he would do regarding gay soldiers in Iraq if he were president.

      Some in the crowd atually boo'd in REAL LIFE this gay soldier serving in Iraq.

      Jeff Daniels in the show though delivers a great line "How many degrees of disgusting does it take for a human being to boo a man who is VOLUNTARILY risking his life for this country and you".

      The epitome of our society today.


    • Only issue I have is the overhype of the "seriousness" of their reporting as if anything being "seriously" reported on means a difference is actually made and feet truly get held to the fire.

      Nope. We are in a country that PRETENDS it resolves serious problems MERELY by just talking/reporting them to death. Doesn;t work like that.

      We still have a drug problem, poverty problem, moral character problem, etc.


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