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  • questioncnbc questioncnbc Nov 22, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    I stand before you wall street

    and just....laugh. This whole industry is pathetic. Money managers with their "OMG 6% returns" lol. Con industry.


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    • like I was saying.


    • People on market pulse, all these PEOPLE who hated on this stock when it was lower just 13 months ago and who have no track record(while I have screamed for a whole year that this was the cheapest stock in the market), they now pretend they know where this is going, saying things like going to 90 then 50.

      What do they know? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They are pathetic nobodies with zero track record, like every schmo that comes on CNBC. They wouldn;t waste their time if they were successful. I know I don't and my track record is here for all to see by my posts going way back.

      None of these guys are thinking about double digit profit margins sometime in the next 30 months. Nobody talking about the international growth. Nobody talking about new products. Nobody talking about high insider ownership.
      nobody talking about the ability of this company to buy back what will be 300M worth of itself at what will likely be an average price of 57-60 dollars when all is said and done after this quarter with a clean balance sheet.



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      • Here is the thing.

        This company was worth more than 50% more 2 years ago.

        The popularity of the product has not waned as revenue is projected to hit a new all-time record for the company. The bottom line got hit with sheepskin costs; thats what hurt the "value" in the short term coupled with low interest rates making dividend stocks more attractive. this new economy since the crisis; women are the ones slowly gaining on men and even surpassing most in earnings power based on being higher educated.

        WOMEN are the ones with increasing purchasing power in this country, NOT men.

        Women have shown for more than 9 years now to ADORE this companies product and quality.

        People are remaining single longer and living in their parents homes longer(which is why I disdain housing as an investment and prefer US bonds in comparison). So all this extra money is available for discretionary income.

        Women are the ones with the money and therefore if you can figure out where they spend it, one can do very well. One can do very well indeed.


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