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  • advisorydoc advisorydoc Feb 20, 2014 2:44 PM Flag

    For Pure and Others (not including Indian)

    i have pulled trigger on my next 10 bagger... today is the day to go all in... i have eyed this company for a while... i was reluctant to let you all know about it and still am as i was concerned it would drop and indeed as expected it has... it has behaved very similarly to how UA behaved back in the bad old days... and yea to the newbies here.... i have been invested in UA since split adjusted single digits.... i have made a lot of money in UA and expect to make a lot of money in this new investment....i also got into DECK in the 50s and have done well with Deck as well... prior to tall that I was buying Apple when nobody else was buying... my posts go back many years and when I tell you this is a great company.... well ...

    stay tuned... if enough of you ask for which company i might let ya know... but i am convinced this company has a great future...

    UA and DECK are still great companies... but i do not see a 10 bagger with those any more... maybe a 2 bagger though

    best to all longs...

    doc ufood

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    • Always like to check out stocks that others expect to do well.....what is the company advisory?

    • He likes krispy kreme donuts(kkd) ;)


    • Advisorydoc: I'm happy to hear that you think you have found another winner. I don't have any good ideas at the moment, but would enjoy (and possibly profit from) knowing your latest idea. I do respect your taste in stocks!

      My two biggest mistakes were not buying Apple and not buying Monster -- a number of years ago when I came very close to buying a chunk of both.

      Thanks in advance!

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      • very pure is probably the only poster here worthy of my sharing the stock name with....

        the stock has all the earmarks of a u-food winner.....

        a stock that nobody likes on wall street but is extremely popular....
        a stock that u-food's eyes can see is doing well
        a stock that is universally vilified on message boards
        a stock that cramer does not understand
        a stock that has behaved very similarly to Under Armour's earliest post ipo years
        a stock that is around where UA was in 2008
        a stock that has performed poorly thus far and which is grossly undervalued

        this is my type of stock..... kinda where deck was when it was struggling in the 50 dollar range

        and that stock ladies and gentlemen is......

        awwwww hey not gonna reveal it.... yet

        gonna wait for the first bag to be filled.... then i will let you know (there will be plenty more bags down
        the road ala UA but hey.... in the months ahead the table will be set for ya)

        as for now the bag is empty but the doctor went all in yesterday... i will report back in three months with a progress report...

        also DECK REPORTS NEXT WEEK... the whispers are for 3.99... not bad... but what i think everyone will want to know is what the forecasts are.... what is on the horizon... summer losses again? or profits....


        should be interesting....

        doc ufood

    • Couple of nice wins. What's the stock?

    • what company???

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