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  • bremerton720 bremerton720 Feb 25, 2014 10:42 AM Flag

    Scratching my head

    Shorts must know something we don't about that earnings report coming out. The stock's been getting pummeled for about a week now on moderate volume.

    It's seemed obvious to me that with good marketing, popularity among female demographics of all ages, and an absolutely perfect winter that the stock practically had no choice but to soar on earnings. I'm definitely hanging on till the report, but now I'm not so sure....

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Amazing how you look at it over one week and not the previous 4 months...ride down pre last earnings from 67 to 57, then post ER run to 70, then further to 75, then further to 90, then drop back to 73 on huge volume (only assume a fund sold based on 3-4x volume), then last week back to 87, and now it is being "pummeled" to 84. have an interesting view of this stock's trading pattern.

      But obviously it must be that the shorts know something...I wish we could all be so astute.

    • I think a lot of people are wondering why there is no run into earnings. Maybe longs are wrong. I hope not! I am betting we see a nice pop and maybe even a huge pop. Anything over $90 Friday will be great. Less will be disappointing.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • part of their strategy.. playing guessing games. They don't know anything. Will be a 20% jump like last quarter unless DECK stays within estimate, then they'll say company does not have "stellar enough" earnings. If you look at the short numbers, they are not so high, but if DECK dare have similar earnings as estimated (around $3.8), the stock will go down back to $60. just my opinion.

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      • Stock is going up no matter what is reported, beat or no beat(personally believe will be CRUSHED).

        People just don;t understand the concern by wall street at this valuation was sheepskin continuing to increase in price as well as warmer temps creating so called FAD claims due to a decline in revenues of 10%.

        But...guess who's back(or never left!). We shall have record revenues of over 1.51B. We are growing internationally and we have 15% less shares outstanding. Market had no idea 25 months ago that 300M worth of stock would be bought back over the next 25 months.

        Money X Time. Market must pay the premium now that we know. Not scared.


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