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  • Java__Joe Java__Joe Oct 14, 1998 8:45 AM Flag

    Just when you thought it couldn't go any

    Wow, I about fell off my chair. What is up with
    this company? I'm glad to see that I'm not the only
    sucker that still has stock in this company. I have
    searched high and low on the internet and can't find any
    change in the expeced -.19 EPS for 3rd Quarter. But come
    on, $2 a share? What's up with that? I think it's
    time for Otto to go. When I originally bought this
    stock, I thought there was a good chance that Adidas or
    Reebok would buy DECK, in order, to get a prescence in
    the sandal market. Obviously that hasn't happened.
    Has anybody heard about that possiblity? Anybody have
    any idea what the stock price should be in mid


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    • hi java.....keep in mind that Deckers Corp. does
      NOT OWN the teva sandal brand.......deckers LICENSES
      this brand name from a guy named Mark Thatcher (the
      river guide-inventor of the original teva
      sandal)........being a licensee (of the teva name) is still a good
      business (however not as good as actually OWNING the
      trademark).........deckers corp. DOES own the simple brand name and the ugg
      brand would be GREAT for deckers if they
      could somehow "re-invigorate" or "stimulate" sales of
      these two brand names.........the simple brand in
      particular i feel has tremendous potential (the name is
      fairly well known because of the great success that
      simple clogs had in '96 and '97)...anyway to grow simple
      sales deckers will have to build BETTER SIMPLE PRODUCT
      and then effectively ADVERTISE/MARKET the simple
      name.....this takes MONEY..... deckers has limited resources
      and what resources they do have they seem to dedicate
      primarily to the Teva brand name.......personally i am not
      going to buy deckers shares until i see the company
      make a better effort to grow their simple brand sales.

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