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    Shareholder Rights Plan/Poison Pill?

    Any thoughts on the two news posts?

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    • We should welcome a takeover...hostile or
      Why protect the current management, with
      high pay, large bonuses, ect...their
      deserves they be paid in DECK shares instead

      Big 5 partner rejects (such as the President)
      a dime a dozen...get someone with
      (maybe at less pay).

    • Been out of the loop for a while, but here
      Having more of an inside track into footwear [friends
      who work in the industry] I'd say DECK is heading for
      rougher waters.

      The "poison pill" approach looks
      like a kneejerk reaction to Thatchers announcement.
      This is typical of the current President's business
      methods[or lack of them], and why the company is in trouble
      now when they should be in pretty good

      Relationship with Thatcher-The discussion to get the license
      renewed has been going on for 2-3 years! Ms. Wilson
      [Prez] has gotten this "relationship" to an all time
      low, as well as set direction for Teva that is off
      base in a big way. Hence Thatchers recent
      announcement. This isn't BS as I've heard of some of the people
      being talked to.

      Further- '@ 2 more years"- Look
      at the Teva agreement. If DECK has Quality problems
      [they do], or delivery issues [ditto], or the biggee @
      FINANCIAL issues [not in compliance with bank agreements
      per last SEC report], Thatcher can bail on this
      agreement with not much notice.

      Last- Brando had it
      right- These guys have managed to not be able to grow
      this brand, and to almost kill Simple and UGG in the
      process. Not a good track record, so I doubt Thatcher
      feels any great amount of confidence in extending an
      agreement that has stagnated over the last 3-4

      DECK's was great little company. But this place needs a
      new Prez, [and probably new people at the VP level as
      well] someone with a good Footwear background, and the
      ability to give Thatcher some confidence. Along with
      getting Simple and UGG back on track.[FYR- UGG died from
      neglect, and Simple is dying from mis-direction in the
      marketplace] Otherwise, Teva contract is definately history,
      and soon...................

      All for now, but
      I'll be way over on the sidelines with this stock,
      until I see some fundamental changes in the business
      style there.

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