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  • lloouuiiss22 lloouuiiss22 Jul 4, 2008 2:26 PM Flag

    Look at a chart of CORS since it went public in 1980!

    this thing even split a few times! could go to 0.02 easy!
    But I think the long history tells more of survival potential!
    CORS could make it even if the "credit crisis" lasts 10-20
    years! But buying now would mean having to wait that long
    to see your money back again... let alone a profit!
    just look at the chart! scary!

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    • my take is 5-10 years before things turn around! the banks
      will bottom this year and then do nothing for 5-10 years
      till the next boom cycle starts! many will go belly up!
      as long as CORS has more cash that debt survival is not
      even a concern! In 1 month we should know. Earnings is key!

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      • If u counterfeit 10M-20M shares this is what happens shortie. Nothing to do with fundamentals. Its just fraud and criminal action. Just wish FBI, SEC or laywers will not get involved soon. From my point of view i continue to buy at below 4 levels every day and i consider it a gift. This think will shoot up over 150% at no time within the next months. I would even say it will move to above 5 before Q2 results.

        This bank will go to over 10 by end of the year when real estate bottoms. Last time i checked shorties have to cover 22M shares. Just one positive piece of news on real estate and stable earning for 2Q (Q3, Q4) and value investors will send u to kingdom dome.

        Keep in mind No cover = no profit. When i see the short position at below 10M shares then i would say half the shorts made money at that price.

        Until that point this is a rocket ready to launch and what the price is at my quote machine is irrelevant.

        What i keep is that not even the shorts believe CORS will go under :) This is u last chance to see u virtual profits at u account before the reverse in a hurry.

        Stavros the GREEK!