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  • get_nick23 get_nick23 Aug 21, 2009 6:21 PM Flag

    Official warning

    look at the fundamentals people.

    10 day average volume is only 70,000 shares. it is up over 1100% in one day. the djia was strong this week. don't get caught holding the bag on a stock that you might not be able to sell in a month. this is not a tangible product yet.

    i'm not a basher or a pumper, i'm indifferent.

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    • bump.

    • look, i love penny stocks too...but i think about them like i think of women.

      you can see a great one, but often times it's too early or too late. rarely is it the perfect time. you just have to move on because there will be another great one right around the corner.

      i would have loved to gain .20 per share on this. i saw it at .09 and thought "wow, it's had a huge gain. i am getting in wayyyy too late".

      but sure enough, it jumped another .20/share. i could be up thousands of dollars now. well, i didn't. i can't think twice about it.

    • Great call man.

      I could have used your help.

      In at .23. Uhhghhh.

    • does anybody else want to call me a moron after a 25% drop today?

    • yep, i'm really the moron here. tried to help everyone out. i'm not just some schmoe off the street. *shakes head* whatever people.

    • how am i a moron? i'm trying to keep people from getting screwed on a stock. i have been left holding the bag myself and it's not a good feeling.

    • AND...this will NOT close in the red today my friend...

      Move on moron.....

    • your second post on this thread stated "Do not buy on Monday".

      I bought and sold today and made a profit.

    • This stock is same at ONFI.PK. Two months ago, ONFI went from 1 cent to 11 cents in one day. Now, it's been around 1 cent for the last two month.

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      • Frigoff bizwiz - you must've missed out and are now pissed, try using your brain.

        tdu40 - How is this another ONFI. Sorry, I don't see how deployment of Wi-Fi (which is nothing new) in Jamaica two months ago even compares with the potential here. I see something like this easily gaining mass exposure and popularity internationally, spreading like wildfire. I've been a "gamer" for a while and IMO what they have could easily be the intro stages for taking the gaming industry to the next level. Also, with the 60 minutes thing and the CNBC exposure probably within a couple weeks to a month or so...

        K1lla - I've been reading your posts for a bit, and I like the truthiness to them. Just thought I'd mention I got asfx shares about 2 1/2 months ago, and waited patiently since then, I got in after it dropped after it's last big run in June. That's how you play the game, right? I dumped half my shares Thursday morning for about a 75% gain, a little late perhaps, but I'm not complaining. I know, I know I could've done better but at least I'm not a "bagholder" right? And I am looking at JEDM for a new buy, but I sure as hell am not buying at the top (for now), like Monday morning. I'll wait and watch for a really significant drop before I make my move. BTW what do ya think of ARTI, I was looking at the 50% drop today and thinking about it, but after I read about JEDM, I was glad I didn't act. I'll wait for their drop I think.

        With all due respect to posters with Integrity - Peace

    • Nice run today.

      I feel sorry for anyone that buys on Monday though. They're gonna feel the pain just like those poor souls who bought asfx on Wednesday morning.

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