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  • NEWGUY7001 NEWGUY7001 Jan 30, 2012 8:15 AM Flag

    Malaysia Is A Fine Place To Do Business.

    I would, however, like to understand the logic behind Lynas's decision to build the LAMP in Malaysia. The mere fact that they have to ship material, including the 'waste content' a huge distance rather than processing it closer to the mine/concentration plant isn't logical to me? Secondly, what is the 'backup' plan if Malaysia says 'no' at this point? I'm very long Lynas and plan to add to my position on positive announcement regarding the LAMP. Good luck longs

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    • Tax incentives
      Low labor rate. Mines in OZ are far from population centers Besides much higher base labor rate, it is very expensive to relocate or have people go TDY to location.
      Water. Process uses lots of water Mt Weld has almost none. MCP has process that recycles water but this is highly energy intensive. Large quantities of Diesel fuel would have to be trucked in to use this process. MCP has unlimited NAT GAS 8 miles away, They are having problems with the last 8 miles. Note concentration also takes lots of water but this water is much easier to recycle.
      Proximity to end users. This is not as important because of value / KG even air is reasonable for shipping but it is a factor when end users can visit plant by car.

    • A nice location for rare earth supplier to be close to chemical companies,,,using product.

      Ongkili endorses the idea of downstream business.

      Last year,,, Ongkili told Parliament his ministry — which OVERSEES both the AELB and Nuclear Malaysia — had used Australian standards and that a report from a UK-based ecotoxicological lab had found that the plant would not be dangerous to the surrounding area and how the plant will not be dangerous to the public, saying it is completely different from the Asian Rare Earth plant.

      Ongkili has consistently backed Lynas throughout this whole process. He has told Parliament on one occasion that “the radiation level from the plant’s waste is considered low enough by international standards for the residue to be considered as industrial instead of radioactive waste”,,,reminding parliament that RM300 million has already been poured into two factories in Gebeng that will produce the hydrochloric and sulphuric acid needed to extract the rare earth metals.

      Science, Technology and Innovations Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili said the feedback were sent to AELB by emails and letters.

      "The board will take into account all these inputs. Altogether, 324 people came forward to scrutinise the Lynas' application document displayed at four centres," he said.

      Ongkili added that the AELB met today to study the suggestions and ideas, and would decide whether to award the licence.

      "I hope they will issue a statement in the next few days depending on what has transpired in the meeting," he said.

    • LAMP came to Malaysia because Lynas was lured by the Mylaysian government with tax incentives and other welcomes. LAMP affords an opportunity for Malaysians to get their feet in the door to advanced science, knowledge and technology. I am for utmost safety, but don't understand how ordinary citizens can know better than worldwide independent panel of people in the know?

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