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  • firstjolo firstjolo Dec 23, 2004 2:33 PM Flag

    Technical Analysis for the Day


    THIS MEANS PROBABLY a whole next WEEK to the UPSIDE.

    We are looking at $2.50 per share by NEW YEAR"S.

    $3.50 by my birth day January 27th.


    NOW we know GOOD THINGS HAPPEN OUT OF UVA and all good things happen to those who wait and believe.


    Sorry for the bum phone call yesterday afternoon.


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    • The backlog was as of sept 30,2004

    • They also said they would make a profit this year. Was the 24MM backlog as of 30 sept 04 or was it as of 27 dec 04?

    • "Building up investor expectations"??? They came across as conservative to a fault! I think this signals a major change in management approach. Guide low and over deliver. I was extremely satisfied with the bookings number which exceeded my estimates. I was also pleased with margins in the quarter which exceeded my estimates adjusted for the EDO loss which is now behind us (anyone following the company knew this was there because the company mentioned it in filing after filing). Management didn't hype anything which was great because most of the shorts on this board always talk about management with distain as a couple of hypesters. I doubt anyone can make that comment after this conference call. For example, all they have in 2005 revenue guidance is two to three RUPS. Well, NIST means "one down, so only two to go". Given they have three units sales to their credit it seems they have lowballed next year by only including three units for all of next year. Thanks to the guy who asked that question. Then comes the talk of the pipeline. A 10 unit opportunity was quoted as being just one of the many opportunities in the pipeline! I think we will all be surprised by the lack of downside and the enormity of the upside. Thank you management! Go SatCon!

    • I agree. It's hard to look at sharply reduced operating costs, timely financing by interested investors, steadily growing revenues, growing interest in RUPS, increasing revenues from their alternative energy products in the face of rapidly growing alternative energy demand that is fast becoming a moral, environmental and economic imperative, and an increasing backlog as negative. I see mostly positives in the medium to long term here.


    • lol, so you buy stock to be able to complain? I buy stock because it is an easy and fun way to make some money. I guess we all got our reasons.

      So, why do you buy a stock that according to you never delivers? If you look objectively to their numbers of the last couple of years, you see that they DO deliver, they just make some pretty bold and stupid predictions. For a company that has 27% growing revenues, considerable better operating and net results, financing for at least 2 years, they are way way way undervalued. Probably the reason why you are still hanging around. But it makes no sense in complaining about something you already knew when you bought SATC. It is like moving to Scotland and complaining all day long about the cold and wet weather.

      Good luck anyway. And may you complain the pps all the way up to $10 :)

    • I'll give you 27,500 reasons why I am hanging around and why I complain every time they raise stockholders hopes only to fall miserably short of even the most conservative estimates.

    • Solar, maybe forth58 would prefer SATC to loan the money and pay intrests. Why get financing free if you can pay for it?!

      And if you wanna make money, you got to spend money. Nobody will be paying for the UPS in advance. SATC needs to finance future orders. It was clearly stated in the pr. But of course you know this.

      Forth has lost faith, i just don't get why he is still hanging around. Numbers are ok, expected worse. But where the hell is our $45M in revenues they promised? I guess some UPS orders got delayed or cancelled.

    • The stock sale is in a way a "buy 2 get 1 free" sale. But SATC still gets 2 bucks a share from the warrants. So for the buyer, it may be buy 2, get 1 free, but at the same time, SATC is realizing the gain from the "sale" of the warrants also.
      Read my post "the warrants"

    • So, by your responce you are saying that companiesd are not allowed to buy thier own stock when they feel that it will increase in value? I would hate to tell you but companies do it all the time. They do it for a lot of reasons, like to decrease the number of shares outstanding (and therefore increase profit per share value), for paying of stock options, and as a way to invest in their own company.

      Why don't you explain why a company would not or could not buy their own stock on the open market? How about a quick lesson on how this stock sale is good and guaranteed to be used for growth and not just for 'general corporate use', and how it is not a buy 2 get one free sale? Your name calling is extreemly helpful and it has helped to prove your point, although the substance of your arguments is a tad lacking. If you are going to say that they have to announce it or register the purchase, gotta tell ya i have never seen a company announce ahead of time that they were buying stock, it is always a month later, after the deal is done that the paperwork is released to the public.

    • your ignorance is genuinely mind-numbing. you need to learn about public corporate financing before you post, otherwise you make an utter fool of yourself. thanks for the laugh.

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