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  • wra55 wra55 Oct 4, 2005 3:42 PM Flag

    SATC got new contract,strong buy


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    • I agree $6 will come quickly.
      Ready to move to the next leg up higher.
      With oil prices high alternative energy will be the governments top priority, they will give kickbacks to companies like SATC.

      SatCon Technology Corporation� (Nasdaq NM:SATC), a leader in power and energy management products, today announced that its MagMotor Division delivered an initial shipment of high efficiency motors and controllers for use in a recently introduced fuel cell powered automobile manufactured by a major domestic automotive manufacturer. The motors are part of SatCon's increasing line of fuel cell related products that include power converters for changing DC power to AC Power and its new MicroGridTM line of fuel cell controllers and software.

      SatCon President & COO Millard Firebaugh stated ʺThe HEV market sector is a prime area of
      focus for SatCon and we are very pleased that our components are being utilized in Azure�s

      BOSTON,(BUSINESS WIRE) -- SatCon Technology Corporation(R) (SATC, Trade), a developer and manufacturer of power electronics and motors for the alternative energy markets, today announced that it has successfully listed five additional PowerGate(TM) AE-PV Series utility-grade photovoltaic inverter designs on the California Energy Commission's (CEC) list of eligible inverters. With the approval of these models by the CEC, SatCon now has the widest range of products available and the most efficient inverters for commercial-scale photovoltaic projects in North America.
      The CEC closely tests and monitors all inverter products in an effort to ensure the integrity of the State's incentive programs. The efficiency rating of the PowerGate(TM) AE-PV 75kW and 135kW models tested and accepted was 95.5%, with peak efficiencies in excess of 96%. These are the highest efficiency ratings that have been given to any of the 80+ photovoltaic inverters listed by the Commission - httpwwwconsumerenergycenterorg/cgi-bin/eligible_inverters.cgi. The efficiency values are important to purchasers of solar PV systems as they are used to determine the amount of rebate incentive available to the purchaser, and enable the owner/operator to accurately calculate the payback of the total photovoltaic system.
      "We are pleased with the performance of our PowerGate(TM) products," stated Millard Firebaugh, SatCon's President and Chief Operating Officer. "The tremendous efficiencies of this product combined with its overall reliable performance have enabled us to ship over 6 megawatts of commercial PV inverters so far this year, with another 4 megawatts in the backlog. In addition, we have some other exciting products in the R&D pipeline that will firmly establish SatCon as the industry leader in the commercial PV inverter market."
      The PowerGate(TM) Series inverters offer very sophisticated software driven controls that allow the unit to maximize the kWh exported. This software, coupled with a proprietary design, enables the inverters to supply more power to the electrical grid, shortening the payback cycle for the entire photovoltaic power system.

    • My software is giving buy signals, barely down on light volume with the market is a sign sellers have dried up and this stock is ready for takeoff.
      We can quickly rise from this level.
      good managment! The company got into the AE business only 3 years ago and already 20% of the revenues are from this market.

      According to analysts estimates
      next year revenues for SATC will be 49.6M$ which represents almost 44% increase over current year projected revenues.

      SatCon to continue aggressive growth in the Alternative Energy, Hybrid-Electric Vehicle and Grid Support markets. These markets are growing at accelerating rates. The Energy Policy Act further reinforces the future market potential. SatCon already has successful products in these markets from which we are experiencing our most rapid growth in product revenue. We are positioning for success with appropriate investment."

    • $3.50 today?
      Another great opportunity for SATC is HYBRID DRIVE TRAINS. SATC is focused on TRUCKS...but the ultimate hybrid car is not on the road yet. So there is still an opportunity. Look for the "PLUG-IN HYBRID" to make an appearance. These will blow the Prius off the road as far as gas mileage goes. It will suck its fuel off the grid, not from the local gasoline station.

      SATC is the ideal company to have on your team if you are an auto mfr developing hybrid vehicles.

      The current hybrids are all based on mechanical drive trains that are derivatives of current gasoline/diesel vehicles.

      The optimum hybrid car is basically an electric car with a gasoline engine providing auxilliary power...much like an UPS...

      NOBODY has built that car...OR TRUCK... yet.....and when they do, the operating fuel cost per mile will be half that of a conventional car or truck.

      The hybrid market is still wide open for new players.....this game has just started....there is plenty of room for SATC to make a "MAJOR" contribution in the development of the architecture and components to build it with.

      Look for SATC inverters to lead the way at first because they are more mature products and the photovoltaic market is ready for them......but the hybrid drivetrain will play a major role at SATC too......SOONER than later. 2Daae8%2D79eab66eec3f%7D&minisite=&siteid=mktw&archive=true&garden=&dist=SignInA rchive�m=archive

      Ford Introduces Hybrid Research Vehicle
      Wednesday January 25, 12:32 am ET
      By Ken Thomas, Associated Press Writer
      Ford Introduces Hybrid Research Vehicle That Can Run on Ethanol

      WASHINGTON (AP) -- Ford Motor Co., extending its push into hybrid technology, said Wednesday it was the first automaker to develop a hybrid research vehicle capable of running on ethanol-based fuels.
      Ford was unveiling the Escape Hybrid E85 before journalists at the Washington Auto Show on Wednesday. The vehicle combines hybrid-electric power with the capability of operating on a mixture of 15 percent gasoline and 85 percent ethanol, a corn-based additive.

      Solar converter industry... will grow tremendously in the coming years. SATC will command a PPS that could easily be 10-20 fold in the next 5 years.
      1..Commercial Solar Inverters

      2..Hybrid Electric Vehicles Components

      3..Stationary Fuel Cells: Specialized power conversion.

      4..Grid Support: A wide variety of medium and very high power UPS sytems and grid synchronized power converters.

      5..Energy Storage support electronics.

      6..Wind Power: specialized power conversion equipment designed for wind farm applications and grid compatibilty.

      7..Fuel cell power conversion electronics.

      A strong technical team is a major SATC asset and is critical to new technology developments and new programs. Strong R&D means that new product offerings and state of the art developments will continue to come from SATC.

      Management has demonstrated a determination to develop and bring new products to market.

      It is just a matter of time before the business cycle turns up for SATC.
      OSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE) SatCon Technology Corporation� (Nasdaq NM: SATC - News), a developer and manufacturer of power electronics and motors for the alternative energy markets, today announced that two of its utility grade Powergate� solar inverters are being utilized as the power conditioning units for the new 502-kilowatt s

    • Can you recomend any posters like yourself who arent pumpers or dumpers. It is hard to get through the slush. TIA

    • Doubt that you have any "charts". You are just trying a new angle of attack. Your earlier attacks were based on competency of the managers. You posted again and again on this and failed so now you have charts. My charts are just the opposite and my evaluation of the managers is favorable.

    • the one problem with ignore is it takes a while to get used to the nonsequitor nature of the intermittent posts that respond or connive with the fluff.

      a minor inconvenience, but life is too short to waste a second on slappy and all his permutations, be it inane basher or inane pumper

      green today, nice

      go satc

    • I agree, the charts point to a sharp reduction in share price in the near future. My charts show several factors will bring the PPS back to the $1.40 level:

      * Resignation and exit of the President and COO after only 15 months in office.

      * The return of long-term management team with a proven track record of consistent losses.

      * The loss of the DDX program, an opportunity that could have brought long-term involvement in DDX design and production.

      * Poor financial results during Q2-2006. FY-206 Financial Plan shot and doomed to another year of losses.

      * Continuation of the "Going concern" on financial statements.

      * Losses will be financed by 50 million share dilution, approved by shareholders.

    • $20 is inevitable if they keep up the deals and new developments the stock is only going higher, its building strength for the next leg up, and I like the way it is not just skyrocketing because this way its building a more sustainable move up.

      "Fuel Cells are a power source for an alternative energy power distribution system that can supplement or replace utility grid electricity with higher efficiencies and less harmful pollution," said the president and CEO of SatCon Technology. "We have been supplying FuelCell Energy with PCU's for some time and are pleased to see them used in such a high profile application. Our PCU's are designed for use with alternative energy power systems to generate electrical power in office buildings, small factories, hotels and similar facilities. These systems need high-power, high-reliability electronics and controls to convert their output to useable AC power that can then be delivered to the individual user or application."

    • Investors seem to be underestimating the value of the Sun Edison, and the Indonesia deals these are company changeing events Satcon now has the ability to be a worldwide leader and be number 1 in the industry.

    • Looks like SATC is setting up for another breakout soon.
      $25 seems a reasonable price for this stock.
      SATC Under the Radar: SatCon Tech

      Satcon Technology (SATC) designs and builds inverters for fuel cells, wind turbines, plasma incineration, and advanced energy storage applications. Earlier this month the co announced that it had successfully listed five additional PowerGate AE-PV Series utility-grade photovoltaic inverter designs on the California Energy Commission's list of eligible inverters. With the approval of these models by the CEC, SATC now has the widest range of products available and the most efficient inverters for commercial-scale photovoltaic projects in N. America (photovoltaic means capable of producing a voltage when exposed to radiant energy, especially light). The co's President and COO, Millard Firebaugh, recently said, "With California leading the way in the North American photovoltaic market, we are confident that we can leverage this successful product introduction into the growing grid-connected markets of New Jersey, New York, and elsewhere." SATC is growing in the alternative energy space but its stock has largely not participated in the push by investors to buy alt energy plays. The Boston based co, will boost marketing in the solar, hybrid electric vehicle, wind, stationary power and grid support sectors. The co's potential customer base is diverse (telco, auto, cable, telephony and in factory automation) b/c rising energy prices are challenging many industries to look for ways to manage energy more efficiently. SATC has the potential to move much higher.

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