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  • airwolf1980 airwolf1980 Nov 18, 2005 10:47 PM Flag

    SkyWest Reaction to Pilot "Rejection"

    the letter seemed pretty reasonable to me. the guy appeared to be honest, which is a rarity from management in general. maybe spellcheck 'losing' vs 'loosing.'

    the single biggest factor in pilot pay is the time to upgrade. once the hiring stops and you are a f/o forever the payscale is just a dream. a lower payscale, with faster upgrade is the way to go.

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    • There was absolutely no honosty in the wage comparisons from that memo, Skywest pilots know were they stand as does the rest of the industry. Assuming Skywest management believed in what their memo stated, they clearly are the ones that do not realize how their pay and benefits stand. I take great exception with your ideal of upgrade times. Even at Skywest upgrade times will vary greatly. Presently Skywest is and will continue to experience a noteable slow down in upgrade times. It is the nature of the business. Skywest has been able to passify their pilots with but as upgrades begin to normalize for the next few years and attrition halts due to the state of the majors their pilots face reality and that quite frankly is what you are seeing now.

      Quite interesting from the memo, however, was the mention of the reduction in aircraft utilization due to reduced block times given by Delta. That is not a good thing for Skywest or its investors if it were to continue. Skywest has a large inventory of planes taged fro Delta and they can not afford to have them sitting on the ground.

      Skywest has been a well run company and most likely will continue to be but first we will have to gauge how they weather this oncoming storm.

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      • why do you object to my thoughts about upgrade time. you think upgrade times are good now, but will slow in the future. they won't slow if your cost structure is competitive. there is plenty of growth as skyw flies bigger equipment. would you rather be a 5 year f/o at comair or a five year captain at skyw? the higher rate at comair is worthless if you can't upgrade. comair is in the process of losing the 70 seat rate and getting about 10% off the 50 seat rate. not alot of pilot groups getting raises.

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