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  • airwolf1980 airwolf1980 Nov 21, 2006 7:34 PM Flag

    playing out as i said

    i agree, the furlough cycle is ending and hiring may begin. now, which regional pilot is going to get hired, the 5 year rj pilot with 3 years of pic time making market wages or the 5 comair f/o with top of the industry pay?

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    • The Correct answeris BOTH! Going to the Majors is a cycle.
      The regional pilot will start at the bottom of the cycle with 1st year FO pay. The majors don't give a damn if they flew for the President. No major hasn't got a pilot's union except JBLU. (and not for Long I'll bet) The Comair Captain isn't getting a damn penny more than anybody else starting in that position. If they want the job then they'll take it, if not then "Tally Ho"! It's as simple as that. Pilot's WILL take the job because of the potential in flying Bigger equipment, bigger money, and more varied routes. I once met a Junior Captain that had come from Airborne Express, or some such "Sky-trucker" comany and when I queried him about a question he asked me, His reply was, "I got tired of night flying and I wanted to fly during the day, and be among people".. Now, if that guy was taking a pay cut to fly passengers rather than boxes Nothing would suprise me.
      I knew he was a non-sked or freighter pilot because he wanted to know why the MEL wasn't on board the airplane and Why he couldn't read the Airplane's past history in the Log book..
      Answer: We have maint Controllers on 24/7,365 to do the MEL work and our Log books are Electronic rather than paper.
      If he had a problem with it then the Denver Training Center or the Flight Ops Duty Manager would be GLAD to tell him the whole story.. (He actually knew all that, but still,, old habits die hard..)

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