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  • airwolf1980 airwolf1980 Apr 20, 2012 1:06 PM Flag

    nobody is paying attention but...

    well, when i made the initial post the stock was moving up. not now. skyw is suffering a bad case of indigestion from the exjet buyout and end of the 50 seat jet. i still think skyw is a survivor in the rj business. rjet is drowning in frontier. there is a need for rjs in the airline system. consolidation and thinning of the herd is happening now.

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    • was just busting your chops anywho, any one who could get an airline call right would be far smarter then me.

      I am skeptical of the recent barons article claiming ual is a buy, based on the big 3 controlling capacity. Its never worked before not sure why they think it can this time. I mean they might do better at pricing the product correctly then in the past, still not sure it would be good though for anything other then a trade.

      skyw seems cheap but alot of moving parts to figure out, and as you say the commuters or regionals seem
      to be struggling just to brake even?

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      • The Delta pilot tentative agreement will be telling, details Monday at earliest. Delta needs relief on 50 seat RJs. Delta has contracts with airlines like SKYW to fly those airplanes. Delta wants to dump contracts for some 50 seat jets but can't. Delta would like to fly more 76 seat jets, but is up against Delta pilot contract limit. Delta wants to get more 76 seat jets at regionals and will try and convince Delta pilots new contract offer is worth it to reduce 50s and get 76s at regionals. Skywest and others will get more 76 seat jets and ground 50s for Delta. Dump 2-3 50 seat jets and get one 76 seat jet. IMO

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