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  • Frank_Lorenzo Frank_Lorenzo Jul 12, 1999 10:11 PM Flag

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    • I worked for Skywest while I was in college for
      over three years in the Mid to late 80's. I bought as
      much stock as I could during this period (this was
      when it traded in the single digits). They always
      treated me fairly and I felt like there was a serious
      team ethic.

      I sold my stock in the early 90's
      for a nice profit but I'm proud of their progress and
      I'm confident their management will find a way to
      compete with whatever challenges that may come. They have
      a conservative yet professional culture that may
      seem too passive, but that fact is that it works!!!
      Good Luck Skywest!!

    • <EOM>

    • It is so hard to believe you have a clue of what you are talking about when you can't even spell simple words.... go away please........

    • If SKYW was DOA, then why would the analysts
      continue to rate them a buy? Company has low debt,
      projected earnings growth of 17% per year over next five
      years (15.2% of which they can achieve without taking
      on more debt or issuing more stock), and a forward
      P/E ratio that is about a third of what the average
      S&P500 company is reporting. Furthermore, the company
      has no unions, minimal fuel price risk, codesharing
      arrangements with two of the nation's largest airlines, and
      the possibility of acquiring additional

      Yeah, this sounds like a lousy investment to me.
      Everyone should dump their shares immediately and buy

    • Couldn't have said it better. SKYW is not up against the scope clause either. And yes DAL can and will give SKYW new routes. Boise comes to mind.

    • I love these boards! Reading them makes me
      realize why I have made money trading stocks over the
      years -- most people don't have a clue as to what they
      are doing.
      You should study a bit more. Skywest
      has 35 new jets on order, 25 for UAL and another 10
      for Delta. Plus options for 30 more.
      SKYW is a
      well run company which will make money for you if you
      know how to play it.
      Your post only confirms the
      old adage, " mouth, insert foot."

    • Ual takes care of itself.Air wisc., is in charged
      of Denver.
      ACAI had to put their jets with
      Dal,meaning that Skyw is not goint to have jets with
      Ual,because of scope clause.
      Will Dal give routes to Skyw
      ? do no think so.
      So what is Skyw going to do ?
      Fly emb 120?.
      American Eagle wil be all over the
      And by the time Skyw orders other jets, they will be
      at the en of the list.

    • do you think this company is dead? How come
      they're going to get killed on the west coast? By who?
      Their routes are secure thru at least 2006 with UAL.
      Company is making money. This lull is historical if you
      follow this stock year to year. Stock price will start
      moving up the second week of October as earnings are
      about to be announced. UAL is having a analyst meeting
      this week. They're contemplating 10 new gates at
      Denver. Is this fortelling something for SKYW? Hope so.

    • This Co. is dead.
      Are they doing anything?
      Skywest is going to get killed in the West Coast.

    • I own a lot of Comair and am wondering whether to
      add SKYW. SKYW seems to be way behind the RJ curve
      with all their crummy turboprops, has much higher
      costs than COMR, lower revenues per ASM. On the plus
      side, being non-union helps and there is cash per share
      of $6. Why SKYW over COMR?

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