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  • tredleon tredleon Feb 2, 2006 12:51 PM Flag


    If you look at the revenue and operating income by segment (per footnotes in the annual report), you'll see the following -

    Revenue by Division ($Millions)-
    Defense Rest of Co
    2001 423 1,022
    2002 595 1,149
    2003 657 1,269
    2004 774 1,488
    2005 1,061 1,898

    Exceptional growth in defense, very good in the rest of the company, but ......

    Operating Income by Division -
    Defense Rest of Co
    2001 39 59
    2002 41 70
    2003 69 60
    2004 128 52
    2005 210 57

    All the profit growth is bein driven by the war in Iraq - this party is going to end sooner or later, and when it does, I wouldn't want to be holding the stock at 20-times earnings!

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    • After the war is over?? When might that be? You'll be back 2 years after that?? Do you really think I'll still be in this stock if it drops to anywhere near 30 bucks?? Please do come back 2 years after that war is over. That'll be fine with me.

    • The stock may very well be at $30 in 2 years, but it'll be after 2 splits, good riddance tredleon see ya

    • You guys stick with your charts - I'll check back in two years after the war is over and the stock is less than $30. Good luck!

    • Tredelon, no one needs to convince you to buy OSK, if you don't like it don't buy. If the long term chart going back before Iraq doesn't convince you of their potential and strong management, look elsewhere. For those "in the know" OSK is a core holding. For those who are looking for a quick buck by forcing holders to sell, maybe you'll have better luck on the Google message board.

    • You're either obtuse or short.

      But for me, I like my low basis, large number of shares, 75 percent unrealized gain, and the ever-increasing dividend. It fits in with the rest of my portfolio. And my success at equities investing is based on my ability to evaluate management. I trust OSK's.

    • The chart is telling me how the stock has responded to the growth in profits from Iraq - the point of my first post was to show that - Defense segment operating income in FY02 was $41M and in FY 05 it was $210M; non-Defense operating income in FY02 was $70M and in FY05 it was $59M - you call that "prospering" without Iraq?

    • Do you realize that every post you made yesterday seemed to push OSK higher? I'm not saying some of your points aren't valid, but please keep it up!

    • Bush to Request $439.3B Defense Budget

      WASHINGTON - President Bush next week will request a $439.3 billion Defense Department budget for 2007, a nearly 5 percent increase over this year, according to senior Pentagon officials and documents

      The spending plan would include $84.2 billion for weapons programs, a nearly 8 percent increase, including billions of dollars for fighter jets, Navy ships, helicopters and unmanned aircraft. The total includes a substantial increase in weapons spending for the Army, which will get $16.8 billion in the 2007 budget, compared with $11 billion this year.

      ...DoD spending looks strong to me...

    • "If they recognize that the defense spending will ultimately turn downward, why would you pretend that it won't? "

      Your the one pretending I said something I did't. But I haven't made myself clear enough for you to understand. Even you know the revenue from Defense will not continue forever. History says mgmt will find other and additional opportunities to grow the company to pick up some or all of the slack. But the fact is OSK prospered before Iraq. That's what that big chart is telling you.

    • Problem?? Problem?? Up 6+ points today. Problem?? Only problem is I didn't have enough shares to make 10 grand today. Only made 6 grand. Some problem.

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