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  • luckyone581 luckyone581 Nov 30, 2009 11:48 AM Flag

    OSK Chart Evaluation & Sell Mention

    You make a good point. Nonetheless, it is evident we had different teachers. Of course, talking about teachers, I have to go back to 1977 when I first started in sales. Memories from that time are always clouded (just impressions more so).

    Nonetheless, I do remember clearly, the teachers stating that you never sell a car for $30,000 dollars, you sell it for $29.995. It is only $5 less but $29 thousand sound less than $30 thousand.

    I do remember that being etched in my memory.

    At this stage of my life, though, I am more of a robot than a visionary and the things I do are more from rote than from intial energy.

    It is also the reason why I now trade with a whole slew of guidelines compared to when I was younger when I was willing to shoot for the moon or bust.

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    • My own first sales training was in 1961. Since then I must have attended another dozen or so, training classes and, believe me, they ara all the same. The principles for selling any product, do not vary and was ultimately the reason I stopped attending. The pricing of the high priced items (like cars) might get some kind of advantage from, that, pricing method but it is probaly a small minority who are impressed by putting 99 cents on the end of the less expensive, like gasoline.

      While there are many ways to approach a "sale" there is no one-right way - any way that works "is right".

      Regarding buying and selling of stocks, I approach that timing by moving only after the fact, and using some indicators which I have devised myself. Forecasting does not work - too much guess work and guessing doesn't work, for me. <smile>

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