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  • parrapet Sep 27, 2011 12:33 PM Flag


    I heard on Milwaukee radio just now that the union is threatening a strike, any real possibility to this?

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    • For weeks the rumor around the place was there were going to be pay cuts across the board and thats why most were unhappy. I can understand wanting more but I also believe given the circumstances the offer on the table is very fair.

      Is the company making money on the FMTV's yet?

      What are projected future earnings over the next 5 years?

      I can tell you that if I was a union employee at the company I'd take that deal in a second. At least they wont suffer a 10% pay cut like most non-union at the company had to take a couple years ago.

      That $2000 bonuse is about 4% the average union salary which means the average employee makes about $50,000. That is a very fair salary for little to no education. I understand there is skilled labor including welding and painting, but 1/2 the people just install nuts and bolts and if the next 10 trucks in a line don't get that particular part there job is to just sit there.

      That $300 for medical benefits is much more in line with what all non-union employees at the company make.

      That $2000 x 3000 employees is only available till sept 30 and after that maybe it'll go towards earnings. If the contract isn't passed and trucks arnt built I wouldn't expect much out of the defense segment this next quarter.

      This next week is going to be very interesting if there is a strike. I think some will be surprised.

    • Stupid is what stupid does.

    • Good chance for a strike. The employees are going to show them who owns the place and teach them a good lesson. In fact they should all call in next Monday and tell the boss where to go, we're sick of working for peanuts!

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      • You know what whinny boy. I'm going to send up about 20,000 Mexicans from California to take those jobs bolting on parts on trucks and you can get in line at the unemployment office. A Monkey can do your job so why should you be paid more? You should be working for bananas!

      • This ought to be great for the stock.....

        Unions are the sole reason that most things are made in over seas. If you want a better paying job then go to school, get an education, and get a better paying job. Leave the manufacturing jobs to people who are uneducated and don't want a high wage job.
        You want to hate the company and show them who owns it by ruining the company? You do need an education. Why even bother to want to OWN it when you have destroyed the share price by striking. You want to ruin what you claim to own.....only in America folks..we deserve to go down the toilet...look how stupid we are.

      • What ever happened to an honest days work for an honest days pay? You feel as though Oshkosh owes you something, why is that?

        The employees own the place? Really?

        Remember, you are free to leave and work some place else if you feel the grass looks greener.

        This world is full of greed, everyone wants more. Why do you deserve more? What is your education and how difficult is your job? Has your job gotten harder over the years? Everyone is replaceable.

        At least you are given the chance to negotiate unlike the state employees last year. You are asking for more but are you even aware of what is available to be given?

      • Written by
        Patricia Wolff
        of The NorthwesternFiled Under
        Local News

        Negotiations break down between union, Oshkosh Corporation over health insurance cost
        Oshkosh Corp. Workers Walk Picket Line
        OSHKOSH – Members of the United Auto Workers Local 578 made substantial concessions during labor contract negotiations Tuesday morning with Oshkosh Corporation officials, but the two sides did not reach an agreement on a new contract.

        The current five-year labor contract for the more than 3,000 employees expires at midnight Friday.

        “We backed off on a lot of stuff,” said Nick Nitschke, union president. “Now, it’s up to the company.”

        Nitschke declined to give details of the concessions made by the union.

        John Daggett, vice president of negotiations for Oshkosh Corporation, said the company had proposed language changes in the recent talks, but the financial package offered by the company remains the same.

        The company’s offer includes a lump sum $2,000 annual wage increase in addition to an 8 percent salary increase over the course of the five years. Under the proposal from the company, health insurance costs would increase for employees from the current $70 per month for a family plan to $280 per month in the final year.

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