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  • dbtunr dbtunr Nov 5, 2003 4:05 PM Flag

    tomorrow is last day to capture divdnd

    need to own by COB tomorrow to capture dividend

    spoke with CEO today. Very tight lipped.

    - Re AUGT sales, he said they have sold in the past on small increments when price ran up. So I infer they sold a small amount here as well

    - Re business prospects. He said they sell to manufacturing companies and the manu index has turned up recently. The first six months of the year, the manu index was down and ELSE's sales were down. So I would infer that sales have stabilized and/or improved along with the manu index.

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    • I also asked the CEO about splitting above $5 and he said that was not a consideration. The split a few years back had nothing to do with keeping the stock under $5.

      All holders today will get a dividend check in a few weeks

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      • Thanks for calling the CEO and reporting what he said. Even though he seems to be pretty tight-lipped (as he should be), it was worth a try.

      • Who is the CEO? He's telling stories. Of course it had to do with keeping the stock below $5. You don't split a stock until it gets above your target for the stock.

        For example, Dell management wants their stock around $20 to $30. When it gets higher, they split it.

        ELSE management wants their stock under $5. When it got higher, they split it.

        Any other reason?? After all, they could just have raised the divident 50%, that would
        have pumped the pre-split stock up to $8 and
        higher. Instead, they split it, dropping the
        stock price.

        Of course.

    • Yeah, I was hoping that between the AUGT and PPTV run-ups and the increased dividend, we might see more volume, particularly this week.

      I hoped for too much, I suppose. This is a truly tiny and unknown opportunity.

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