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  • az_droker az_droker Jun 11, 2013 6:36 PM Flag

    Earth to Barry D. Quart ???? - How about an update on the CRL?

    Earth to Barry, Come in Barry!

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    • Perhaps he's out playing golf

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      • There is nothing to report. What do you want from the guy? You will get your disappointing news soon enough and lose the rest of your money appa all the way. .35 and dropping. I have to laugh as this drifts lower, no news, annual meeting notta, PR firm nothing. Do you need an elevator to drop on your head here, Its over. Its liquidation time baby.

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    • These morons are clueless on Public Relations. A bunch of nerds under their microscopes all day.

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      • My take is that Quart has been brought in to get just one product through the FDA to prove that this technology can get registered and simultaneously he will announce thesale of the company to a larger company...pumping the stock in the short term is not in their interest as their pay day is on approval. My gut tells me the only news you will here from Quart is when the next FDA review date is and following the review you will here the company is sold. Over promising and under performing is what Quart's predecessor did well...I think Quart was brought in to finish this in a no nonsense quick and quiet way. My two cents.

    • Earth to Appa investors, Barry Quart is here to liquidate the company for Mr. Tang. He has been on the job almost 3 months and board member prior to CEO. He knew exactly what was going on before the rejection and its been 3 months nothing from Mr. Quart.

      Guess what. He sees that there is no chance for this product to be refiled.

      He will delay the filing for what he will say is a minor setback, 3 months, but it will not make it back to the clinic. After 3 months the next news release will be a liquidating news release. Company has no pipeline, a product thats been denied 2x already and get this, there is absolutely no reason to even approve it, the company failed to meet its end point years ago and now they are trying to push it thru as a me too product, Guess what FDA does not have to approve it and will not approve it. Company is done, no money, no pipeline. What you have is a bag of shells and I have been telling this board if they didn't announce something else months ago this would be the end result. The time has come to lose the rest of your money appa all the way. Yes you rode it all the way alright. TO ZERO... Like your mom used to tell people your nickname was zero, as you would end up being a zero in your life. So now you and appa have something in common, your both worthless.... LOL.... I am cracking myself up over here at this clowns expense.

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