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  • apff2530 apff2530 Jun 28, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

    My gay lovah and I can't wait for APPA to explode...

    Every morning we watch the APPA ticker as we drink our morning coffee

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Yes as I continue to make money in the greatest bullmarket of all time at your expense. Market has doubled in last 3 years and this POS cant get out of its own way.

      Keep talking big mouth as your investment goes appa all the way down the drain. Yes, It will go lower still today folks, and again tomorrow and we go to zero before year end. APF530 has a problem its been over 3 months without a peep. NDA will not be refiled IMO. Its all over the fat lady already has sung the final verse. ITS OVER... ITS LIQUIDATION TIME FOLKS.

      Tang will get the bulk of his investment back that he invested at .15... Quart is here to preserve his investment. Happy Monday haters.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • I find myself pondering if your completely daft or just a dumper. I cant completely make it out, maybe you can help me. Show me that you have shorted APPA upwards of 50,000 shares (1/3 of your last claimed short of 150,000- one of many as you have said) and I promise Ill show everyone here that my entire APPA position is worth more that your net worth. Lets see how big your juevos really are. Dont try to scare people out of a once in a lifetime position. And just to reiterate, only my APPA position is worth more that your net worth; you're not the only one enjoying this bull market albeit you might be the only one making PENNIES. Lets shut you up once and for all. The second you show me proof ill be there with mine.
        Prosperity is not my right to give but I wont let deny anyone of it.

    • A.P. Pharma, Inc.

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      Symbol: APPA

      Current Rating: BUY

      Price on 6/7/2013: 0.41

      Predicted 12-Month

      Price Change: 141.4 %

      95% Probability Limits:

      Highest Likely Price Change: 629 %

      Lowest Likely Price Change: -51 %

      Stock Safety Score: 67 out of 100

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