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  • mikeylikesappa mikeylikesappa Jul 9, 2013 9:08 AM Flag

    NDA resubmission and todays presentation

    Was hoping someone knowledgeable could chime in on the proposed NDA resubmission scheduled for 1Q2014. They say their cash is sufficient, but my calculations say $.04/qtr burn rate times 1yr until we hear back from FDA equals $.16 (more than on hand). So, assuming more dilution, how confident are we with this management team and based on their slides already posted, that they will actually succeed with approval this time around? any new estimates on peak sales mktMKT cap?

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    • Thanks for the replies, but was hoping to keep this about valuation and management's competency. 500mm shares outstanding is not as big a deal if they do $400mm in sales and margins will be high (and getting higher thanks to cost cutting mentioned in this presentation). i personally trust this mgmt team to maximize our value and eventually get bought out, but i guess we wont know for a year now. will sit tight and wait. this is a small % of my PA and day to day fluctuations are meaningless. ppl like apf have some agenda to be posting constantly negative stuff with no basis in reality.

    • Its all over appa all the way, your boy Barry Quart cant even put out a formal announcement stating that the NDA will now be filed quarter 1 2014, He hid deep in his presentation. What a sham, and this is your knight on a white horse, I will be shorting the s--- of of this dog. Chaching. Pay me now... Its free money here for all to take. Go to the bank with it. They have nothing, this guy is on the job 4 months and this is what we get, I was spot on shorting this in the 50's.. More of the same, still trying to push thru an unapprovable NDA. Appa all the way you are getting exactly what you were asking for. A #$%$ slap across the forehead. How do you longs feel today ? Losers...

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