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  • slwpe slwpe Dec 24, 2012 10:30 PM Flag

    A Message From Santa

    Ho, Ho, Ho Mr Kramer. I saw your Christmas list. I know you are going to be disappointed, so I sent you this email. There will be no government bailout when you declare bankruptcy. Obama says you are just too small to be considered. The USW is not going to agree to a 50% reduction in wages and benefits in 2013. The board of directors is not going to give you that big, big bonus you have dreamed about, but it appears they are going to keep you employed for another year even though I am not sure you deserve it. Your earnings are going to disappear around the world. Market share will follow. I am not sure you have been naughty, but you just have inherited a bad situation from your two predecessors and I am not sure you know what to do. (Sometimes finance people need engineers and operations people to tell them what is the solution to a problem!). One bright item is that it might be possible for you to extract a ton of cash from the company before it implodes! So keep praying, 'cause I don't think you have a #$%$ idea what to do in 2013 to keep the company afloat! And all those under performers that you think will leave instead of the guys that know what to do, sorry the guys you need are going to leave. But you could hire them back as consultants at higher wages.
    So my advice is to relax, buy a new house, retire.
    Merry Christmas

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    • are you saying that the goodyear business plan of poor worker relations, stripping salary retires of promised benifits, maintaining a lack of quality in operations, placeing top execs in place that have no concept of the tire Mfg. business, promotion of those who talk and not act, closeing profitable US plants, designing products that have chronic failure modes, poor customer relations, and rampent exec's with more ego than talent isn't working? Wow, who would have thought.

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