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  • carolyne47 carolyne47 Dec 31, 2012 2:34 PM Flag


    1. Ceo will receive massive bonus for non-performance
    2. Contracts will result in another plant closeing in the usa
    3. Steel workers will once again fold and accept reductions
    4. Salary, non-exec. Wokers will see additional reductions
    5. Exec's will receive increases above 10%
    6. Expansion in china will result in major loss
    7. Europe sales will decline
    8. Stock will remain as as a non-investment and continue to be a casino stock
    9. Oem and replacement market share will drop
    10. Major competitor will capture a maor inroad in the high performance market
    11. A major recall in mid-year
    12. Mfg. Technology will continue to fall behind competitiors
    13. One plant will be sold to a compeitior
    14. Talks will take place concerning a merger in late 2013.
    15, experienced managers will continue their exit from the co. To be replaced by non-tire experienced people
    16. In an attempt to buy time a major reorganization will be announced in the spring
    17. 2nd teir workers [ low pay ] will exit co. In mass numbers as other jobs open up in the market place
    18. Major oem will stop acceting product due to chronic quality problems
    19. An internal investigation will show that 1 plant's management team has been providing false scrap, yield, and osha numbers. This will result in mgt. And staff fireings.
    20. A new exec. Business jet costing millions will be purchased or leased

    in other words everythng will remain the same.

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    • Other Predictions- As everyone knows 2013 is a contract year. Issues already exposed for negotiation are-

      1. Defined benefit pensions-GT is coming after your pension, in what way? Could be a benefit freeze at X date and workers will be given a defined contribution pension in it's place. What will be negotiated in return? one final multiplier increase to 70? One final buyout for retirees $3,000 times years service unlimited? A lump sum payout in return for forgiveness of your annuity payout? Be prepared to strike over this issue if GT tries to get something for nothing.

      2. COLA- GT is coming after your COLA- They want to give you an annual negotiated amount for each year of the contract. It could be $1,500 in the first year with payments of $500 in each of the remaining years of the contract. Sounds good? only until inflation comes roaring back. Could be an issue to strike over.

      3. Seniority- Other unions have lost seniority in contract negotiations. CAT workers went on a strike for the above issues, and, seniority reductions, and they got whipped. Seniority is very quietly being diluted on each contract with such ploys as company select jobs, shift line ups limited to every two years, restrictions on layoffs based strictly on seniority. Seniority is a bedrock fundamental of union membership, do not let it be violated.

      4. Pay Grade with six grades- GT is coming after the so called grandfathered employees not affected by the new pay grid. This issue goes against everything a union is supposed to stand for, equal pay among members. Currently a $10 variance from low to high affects workers, with some workers doing the same job at different pay rates, this can not stand.

      Stay tuned as we approach July 2013, this could be a watershed year.

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      • I guess it comes down to the Co. desires to have salves Vs employees, but of course this does not apply to the top dogs, they continue to get their Millions in bonus, raises and additional perks.
        What needs to happen is that the Steel Workers grow some and lets have a national negotations insteads of this target Co. BS and if some level of fairness is not accomplished a National strike that is organized to accomplish a total N. American shutdown , but to date it seems the Steel Workers National talks a good game, but sells us down the river when it comes crunch time. We have seen plant after plant shutdown and of course people are afraid, but enough is enough and if during this next contract if they remain void of balls, its time to kick them out since they sure have shown no ability to accomplish anything other than give backs and reductions while at the same time plants keep getting shutdown and Management keeps getting more and more the top dogs get the more....Supervisiors, and low level Mgt. gets the shaft also]. In reaity we have noting to lose by strikeing since no security exists anyway.

    • 19.only 1. lol.

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