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  • squanto1 squanto1 Jan 25, 2013 5:42 PM Flag

    Unions Ruined This Country

    organized crime.......end of story.....

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    • Yes,The unions do ruin this countries companies. Look and read the history of the Schwinn Bicycle Company. They had 2600 employees at the first plant in Chicago with every benefit you could ever imagine,from profit sharing,medical,holiday and vacation pay,sick pay and birthday off with pay. The lazy minority workers there started complaining that they wanted a union,so one was voted in. Now there were workers found sleeping behind boxes and other places in the factory. When they were confronted they yelled.."DISCRIMINATION". At that point the company executives(including my father) decided to close the factory and all 2600 workers lost their jobs. The exercise bike division was moved to Missouri and the Schwinn Bicycle Company was sold to the China Bicycle Company. That's what these great unions have done,but they did it to line their own pockets and not to protect these workers or get them better benefits.

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      • much was your fathers "GOLDEN PARACHUTE" 5 mil. or 10 mil. maybe 20mil? You can blame anyone you want but, the fact of the matter to me is . Don't blame the unions anymore, we currently don't have that many! Furthermore, MOST unions have 2 tier wage scales now. The new hires don't make near what the old hands do..........................

    • Yes and particularly the steelworkers union too. Of course when one realizes that they basically represent unskilled uneducated individuals it is easy to see how it all happened. None the less todays technology is beginning to finally automate much more of the unskilled jobs meaning that the unions are a thing of the past once and for all. The former members will become a part of the welfare class untill the country runs out of support money for them...and with so many of the bozos out of work and on the dole that might happen sooner than one thinks

    • newsflash for you , knuckle head. The USA currently has only approx. 11 % of the total workforce union. The tail doesn't wag the DOG!

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      • Now, now joann, you know that those who do not have any ability always blame the Union for their failure......... As Deeming said to the Ford Exec;s in the 80's ....:if you want to really see whats wrong wiith your co., look in the miror".

      • Good point "joann" wow it's so amazing how 11% can quote: "Ruine this country" ROFLMAO
        It still blows my mind how ppl can continue to blame" Unions" for there lack of Intelligence , but hey that's the real reason why this country is being "Ruined", 89% of this country is being run by idiots.
        BTW I've been wrong all my life about unions.

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    • And all this time I thought it was politicians!

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