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  • bsgscouts2003 bsgscouts2003 Jan 28, 2013 5:47 PM Flag

    New Corvettes Will Roll on Michelin Tires

    After decades (10's of years) Goodyear has lost the Corvette business to Michelin. Could it be that the "new kids on the block" don't know what they are doing or could it be that Michelin tires surpass Goodyear tires on performance vehicles. What is happening at Goodyear?

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    • GM supplies the Corvette based on performance and price. Goodyear held that edge for MANY years. Obviously Michelin now has that edge with Corvette business. What clown let this happen?

    • Its sad that GT has once again lost a high profit and high profile market. Whats happening at GT is that the people at the top have no concept of tire mfg. and have allowed the Co. to fall behind in technology and culture. Many areas of GT mfg. is now more than 20 years behind and the gap continues to increase. Others have spent $$$$ ensureing that the produced product meets customer demands in regard to Delivery, Cost, and Quality while GT has spent $$$$ on non-performing improvements and exec. bonus payments for poor performance. Others have realized the value of the workforce while GT has held they are a necessary evil. Others have established customer relations based on partnership and trust while GT has based theirs on BS and attempts to fool rather than fix. GT also has the problem of shall we say creative reporting by the plants on the status of things like waste. GT has many egos in suits who feel they have all the answers and the peons under them have nothing to contribute. GT also has the problem of the workers having limited pride in what they produce, and this is largely driven by how Mgt. treats them on a daily basis. Another problem in the plants is that those promoted are often either yes men, or very skilled in covering up actual performance. Management in Production areas take no accountability for the quality of what they produce, so neither do their workers. GT management actually thinks that improvement $$$ reported are real and since no follow-up is accomplished external to the plant the improvement dance goes on.
      The Org. of GT at the Corp. and Plant level is ineffective.
      What needs to happen at GT is to have Sr. leadership that knows the business and is willing and able to change the culture and spend the $$ necessary for impactive technology that ensures customer requirements are met. To establish a culture that rewards real performance. To ensure that customer relations are effective. To place accountability where it belongs. To provide effective follow-up and ensure proper reporting. To actually face the problems that exist and put everyone to work solving them and then ensure they remain fixed. To streamline the Corp. and plant Org. to ensure effective and involved management. To realize that people are the key to success.
      To refuse to make any decesion unless it is based on real facts , this Is the difference between I KNOW Vs I THINK. Also GT must get everyone involved and part of the Team. They have forgot that most people actually want to take pride in what they do and are willing to be involved in making the Co. a success that they can take pride in. The culture of GT must change for the Co. to survive and this will require those at the Top to understand that a lot of the things that got them to the top are wrong ....can they do this ??? ....... YES....Will they do this?? ....... now thats the real question yet to be answered.

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